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Lynda Ellis And Family

The Green c1965, Frimley Green
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trying 2 contact a lynda ellis who lived oppisit a pub near a park. not much to go on i know.

Good Times

The Green c1965, Frimley Green
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I had loads of fun when I was there and I did not want to leave. I had two friends, Derek Knight & Foxy, you were not allowed on the range but we did and came back loaded with mortar bombs and stuff which we bartered with other kids, If you kept your dorm clean and tidy you went to the pictures as a treat.

Shelia Wilson

The Green c1965, Frimley Green
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I can only just remember this scene, as I was in the army awaiting a compassionate discharge. I was at Deepcut in Blackdown when I met this lovely girl called Shelia. She was very fond of horses and as I remember she was into show jumping. I was given a job at the stables. I became very friendly with her and her boyfriend, Tony, and I was invited to her 16th birthday party at her mum and dad's house. The house was down a dead end lane, but I cannot remember the name of the lane. She gave me a photo of herself and 2 friends "Carol & Dennis". When I was discharged from the army I was asked to stay on in Frimley; I did and got a job in a factory making fibre glass - what a job that was. I owe a debt of gratitude to Shelia, her family & friends, because when I left the army I had no work and nowhere to... Read more

Barrow Hill School, Frimley

The Green c1965, Frimley Green
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I come from Battersea, SW London. My mother sent me to Barrow Hill School when I was 8 years old, I stayed there for 3 years. We lived in dormitories. The head master at that time was Mr Churchill. I had a nice time there, sports day was good. My mother used to come and visit me. There were places there where we used to venture out. The army used to leave all their ammunition lying around, it was out of bounds to us kids. It would be nice to have some pictures of the old school then if anybody has got any please email me.

Blast From The Past.

Old Cottage 1906, Frimley Green
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Wow, did that ever shake me to the core. The names Richardson and Fairminer, Long and a few others sprang to mind as fellow pupils at the local Primary School. In those days I lived in Worsley Road. I can remember fishing the Basingstoke canal at Frimley Green and seeing the last barge go by which I beleive was scuttled just before the flight of locks. I have lived and worked in the area for a number of years but now retired, live just outside Basingstoke. Any past friends and aquaintances are welcome to contact me. My email is and I look forword to reading more.

My Grandparent's Home

Old Cottage 1906, Frimley Green
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I received  information from my cousin Leslie about this photo. Now that I have found it I am delighted. My grandparents were Thomas Benjamin Fairminer (1881-1954) who married Louisa Florence Smith (1880 - 1944). They raised 11 children, some of them at Bedford Lane. Their birth dates range from 1900 to 1924. My mother Florence Louisa (known as Ciss) was born in 1905. I remember visiting Bedford Lane as a very young child, one of my mother's brothers, Alfred, lived a couple of houses down. A Mr D F Richardson shared information about this photo in April 2006. He says that he went to school with one of Mr Fairminer's sons, who must have been one of my uncles. I wonder which one it was? I am researching my mother's family and this is a lovely piece of information for me to include. During my research I have been able to get in touch with a number of cousins, many of them and their families still live in Frimley Green... Read more

Frimley Green Hospital....

I was born on 24 July 1944 in Frimley Green and emigrated to Canada with my mother in 1945. I recall her telling me that Frimley was bombed during the week while she and I were in the hospital and that she had to cover me with pillows as the plaster was falling on us from the ceiling. I've always wondered what date, what kind of bombs, how close, was the village or hospital badly damaged and is the original hospital still there? Any recollections,stories,books or reference material would be greatly appreciated.

Debbie Baker

During my training at the ACC depot in Aldershot I met a beautiful young lady called Debbie Baker. She was my first love. Unfortunally when I was posted to Germany, I never saw or heard from her again. I would love to re-new our friendship even after all these years. David Kelsall

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