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Memories of The Horse-Drawn Barges...

I have many memories of the horse-drawn barges on the Basingstoke Canal at the Kings Head boat house and lock. The barges probably started from Aldershot, and on through Surrey. I used to wait for the horse and walk under the bridge to the boat house. The bargeman would unhitch the horse and I would walk with them both to the Kings Head pub, through a gate, turn left and up over the bridge to the lodge on the other side. I would hold the horse beside the lock. The bargeman would cross the lock, untie the rope and bring it back over. I felt really proud holding the bridle of the big horse. The barge man would hitch up and town the barge through the lock, over the aquaduct and on his way. I never felt scared. The barges were huge, all wood, with just enough room to go through the locks - made to measure.
Added by the Frith Memories Archivist on behalf of Mr D R Richardson, a Surrey Boy, now a Dorset Man.

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A memory of Frimley Green in Surrey shared on Monday, 11th July 2011.

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