Frimley, St Peter's Church c.1955

Frimley, St Peter's Church c.1955

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Memories of Frimley

Electrical Shop And Viking Grill Bar Frimley High Street Circa 1970

Does anyone have pictures of these shops. They were owned by my parents carol and Harry Eyre. My memories of frimley was that it was lovely and friendly. I can remember the chertsey police who would hide there patrol cars around the back of the shops so they could have some breakfast lunch or tea. I was allowed to sell singles in one shop and ice cream in the other. Great memories. Jenny

A memory of Frimley by hunteyre

Happy Childhood Days In Frimley

I grew up in Frimley from the age of 2. I lived on the Ansell Estate just up from St. Peters Church. It was a brand new housing estate. Such fond memories of Grove School, Lakeside, Tomlinscote. There were woods behind our house in Middlemoor Road and would spend many hours playing in the woods with friends. ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley

Changing Times

We moved to Frimley from Sutton as part of the London overspill. I was 2 when we moved into a house in Ansell Road. I remember my childhood with fond memories. I remember an old pig sty where Stonehouse Rise is now, I had some great adventures over there. The bottom of Brett Hart Road was just a dirt track and many a day we ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley by Bob Lucas

60's Frimley

Memories of Frimley back in the early sixties. I worked at Southern Instruments on Frimley Road and the first telephone answering machine was developed on site (the machine was the size of a small suitcase). There was a record shop in the High St where we used to go as soon as we got paid on a Friday and purchase all the latest ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley

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