Frimley, The House, Frimley Park c.1955

Memories of Frimley

60's Frimley

Memories of Frimley back in the early sixties. I worked at Southern Instruments on Frimley Road and the first telephone answering machine was developed on site (the machine was the size of a small suitcase). There was a record ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley

Changing Times

We moved to Frimley from Sutton as part of the London overspill. I was 2 when we moved into a house in Ansell Road. I remember my childhood with fond memories. I remember an old pig sty where Stonehouse Rise is now, I had some ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley by Bob Lucas

Happy Days

Lovely memories of the High Street, mum pushed us in the big old coach built double ended pram; me and my brother Mike. In them days you stayed in prams way into toddler years, mum's didn't make you grow up too fast! As we got a ...Read full memory

Happy Childhood Days In Frimley

I grew up in Frimley from the age of 2. I lived on the Ansell Estate just up from St. Peters Church. It was a brand new housing estate. Such fond memories of Grove School, Lakeside, Tomlinscote. There were ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley
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