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Galley Common memories

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Redbricks 1950s

I was born and bred in Tunnel Road, Galley Common in the Pit houses (belonging to Haunchwood Colliery). One of my early memories of which there are many was of the tip which was waste slag from the mine and was always on fire and backed down to the back gardens of the houses. At night you could see fires burning bright red in the tips. As kids one of our games mostly in the winter was to get a empty can, the bigger the better, and put holes in the bottom and slots in the side. We would attach a lengh of wire to the top making a long handle, then fill it with fire from the tip and adding coal to keep it going. Then we would swing it round our heads in a loop or figure of eight (good old health and safety). They used to get red hot that anybody on the road at the bottom of the tip could just see what looked like balls... Read more

Growing up in Galley Common

Growing up in Galley Common was the best part of my life. Dad was the manager of the bus depot, Bunty Motors I think it was called, at the bottom of Hickman Road, I lived at 66 Hickman Road. In the summer a lot of us kids would go camping down the 'rec as we called it, another name for the recreation park. I made myself ill living on beans. In the winter we always seemed to have heavy snowfalls, gangs of kids, me as well, would wait at the bottom of Hickman Road waiting for the miners in their cars going home, when they tried to get up the hill the back wheels would spin, all the kids would push like mad to get them going and the miners would give us pocket money for our efforts. The mine is now gone, but the memories live on.

Memories of Warwickshire

Little Jims Cottage

Market Square 1958, Ansley Common
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Does anyone have any information about John Guy who lived in Little Jims Cottage in the early 1960's? John was my fathers cousin and I understand that he was a musician.

Nursery School 1943-50

I spent some classic country living in Ansley Common during the later war years. Walking home from nursery school I would often be ducking for cover under hedges as low flying fighter planes would scream overhead. The nursery school was a happy place with then large playing fields reaching down to the pit railway line. The coal mine was the focus for most families in the area. Our family focus turned into a tragic loss of a father in 1951 in a massive pit fall. As a family then moved to London and eventually Australia. Some friends of that period George Parks. Christine Atkinson. Beryl Frost Graham Judge Les Warren Eileen Jones. Now living for past 43 years in Barwon Heads a small fishing town on the south coast of Victoria Australia. Playing piano. Swimming. Beach walking. Grandchildren. Now 69 and having a ball. All the best for your site - Brian Riggs

ABC Minors Club

Abbey Street c1960, Nuneaton
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Seeing the photograph of the old Ritz cinema reminded me of the time when I was a member of the Ritz Minors Club from approx. 1947 until 1952. We all paid 6 old pence to have a morning at the "pictures" watching films like Flash Gordon, Tarzan and many others. As time went on and I reached , what I thought, was a ripe old age the building on the other corner the "Coach and Horses" pub was one of the places where on a Saturday night we would go and spend the evening. If anyone should remember me, Don "Crowie" Baxter, I still live in Nuneaton (aged now 66) at 39 Kingsbridge Road Nuneaton, or if anyone remembers my friend Gordon "Fred" Rowley who played trombone and went to KEGS and has any information on him (I believe he went to live in America as a musician) I would be most grateful if you would get in touch with me to share any memories. email address is

Queens Road

My family live at the top of Fife Street and always have. I really started to notice the town when I was about 7 (1968). The places I would go to when I was young (mainly with my mum) were;, The Beehive wool shop on the corner opposite The Palace Cinema, Reg Haddens bookshop on the corner of Dugdale Street, Dee Di's ice cream parlour in Queens Road, Home And Colonial supermarket in Abbey Street (with my gran,) Tesco's supermarket in Queens Road and Yoxall's cake shop in Abbey Street. My brother and I used to go to either The Palace or The ABC on a Saturday morning and afterwards, my Dad would take us to Pickens for a sausage and tomato batch. I eventually gave up going to the flicks in favour of learning to dance at Abbey Dance Studio above the old Liberal Club in Stratford Street. I also used to love browsing around the market on a Saturday. My favourite stall was a lady outside Woolworths... Read more

Strolling in The Town

Town Centre 1957, Nuneaton
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The person in the white macintosh walking towards the camera is myself, Bob Vincent with a friend, Peter Watkins. I lived at 4, Shepperton Street, Chllvers Coton (opposite the Vicarage) and Peter lived in Coton Road close to the Arches. I emigrated  with my family to Perth, Western Australia in 1970. We used to frequent the Lido milkbar next to the Post Office. Should anyone wish to contact me, I can be reached by email

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