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Jezerels Tower

If Ben went past the Jezerels on his way home from the Tech School he must have been on a no 8 bus and not on his usual 45. The No 8 went up Canterbury St to the Top Rd and then up the Rainham Maidstone Rd to Bredhurst past the Queens Head PH. The 45 went up Barnsole Rd to the Top Rd and then up Edwin Rd to Wigmore past the Smallholders Club and terminated at Fairview Ave jct Bredhurst Rd. If for some reason I missed the 45 at LivingstoneCircus I would have to dash up to the bus depot to see if I could catch the no 8 otherwise I would have had a long wait and been in serious trouble once I got home!

Written by Diane Youens. To send Diane Youens a private message, click here.

A memory of Gillingham in Kent shared on Monday, 21st June 2010.

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RE: Jezerels Tower

Sorry - It did go up Napier Road and as you say joined Canterbury Street at just below the Municipal Buidings (by the main park entrance) and then up to Wastling Street by the Jezreels Tower then to Rainham, Wigmore and Bredhurst. Carters I'm afraid is long gone. High Street is now one of these pedestrian areas that in this case killed the High Street! PS. What school did you attend? Trust you all got the life you wanted in Australia. Bye

Comment from Diane Youens on Tuesday, 26th April 2011.

RE: Jezerels Tower

I am sure the No 8 went up from the depot in Nelson Road, and joined Canterbury Street where the municipal buildings are (if they are still there). We are living in Victor Harbor, South Australia since 1970, always have a soft spot for Gillingham. Also my Dad used to managed Carters, Gents outfitters in Gillingham High Street. All for now, byeee, Eddy Gutteridge

Comment from Eddy Gutteridge on Tuesday, 26th April 2011.


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