Gillingham, High Street c.1960

Gillingham, High Street c.1960

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Caption for Gillingham, High Street C1960

The station is behind the camera in this alternative view of the High Street. The bus stop outside the Britannia public house is for bus numbers 26, 26A, 39 and 40; opposite, a No 26 bus heads for Gravesend. The architecture reflects the Victorian character of the town, but the bunting gives no clue to its reason for being there.

Memories of Gillingham

Warship Weeks Ww2

During WW2 my Grandfather Albert William Sancto (a retired dockyard cabinet maker) made a very detailed scale model of a warship but was defeated when it came to the small plane that sat on a catapult on the deck. My Father (shipwright RN) came to his rescue carving the tiny aircraft from a solid piece of wood. During ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by hachesney

Gillingham Tech & The High Street C1960

I went to the Tech as well, in the 1960s before they moved to Pump Lane. Down from the school to the High Street, turn left and stood outside the Co-op, opposite Debenhams? OK I admit I did not learn much there but surely you had to turn right at the High Street to be standing outside the Co-op, looking at the station opposite Debenhams?

Gillingham Cinema

The Embassy in Green Street was formerly called the Odeon. Other cinemas in Gillingham at that time were the Plaza in Duncan Road (on the site of what is now Aldi's) and the Grand on the corner of Skinner Street and Jeffery Street. The Grand closed sometime in the 1960's I think after part of the ceiling collapsed during ...Read full memory

Jezerels Tower

If Ben went past the Jezerels on his way home from the Tech School he must have been on a no 8 bus and not on his usual 45. The No 8 went up Canterbury St to the Top Rd and then up the Rainham Maidstone Rd to Bredhurst past the Queens Head PH. The 45 went up Barnsole Rd to the Top Rd and then up Edwin Rd to Wigmore past ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Diane Youens

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