Grange Over Sands, Club Union Home c.1916

Grange Over Sands, Club Union Home c.1916

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Memories of Grange-Over-Sands

Grange Over Sands,

Hi I have a very old postcard on the then N.E.C. Convalescent Home at Grange-Over-Sands, my father was there in or around the 1930's - he was there there quite a long time till he recovered from his illness. I ...Read full memory

The Grange Hotel

I worked at the Grange Hotel from 1983 until 1986. I lived in Grange for another six years at The Cottage, Graythwaite Manor. I left Grange in 1992 with my family when we moved to Australia. Enjoyed seeing the old photos of Grange, especially the one of the Grange Hotel.

My Grandad

My grandad convalesced here, James Taylor. He died in 1976. I hope to take my mum to see the place this year. I have 3 postcards of the place, one of the statue, the bowling green and the entrance drive.

R & H Law

My Grandfather, Harry Dewhurst, was a partner/owner (I am not sure of the exact commercial position) of R & H Law (Main Street, Grange-over-Sands) in the 1950s. I remember R & H Law having all all four shop fronts as per this ...Read full memory

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Before becoming a private nursing home, this building was a convalescent home for members of working men's clubs that were affiliated to the Club Union. Members needing to convalesce, usually for a fortnight, applied to their club's committee for a stay at the home. They generally took their wives, and the charge was normally met by the club. Often, this was known as the Miners' Home. It was erected in 1914 (the date appears above the stained glass main doorway in the centre of the building), and was officially opened in 1916. In the grounds is a stone statue of a First World War soldier, given by the Normanton Central Liberal Club - it can be seen from the road. This monument is now listed.

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