Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

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Memories of Grassington

My Days At Nethersidehall

I went to Netherside between 1965-1968 and remember raiding the kitchen very well, I was sacked from being the first team footy captain and stopped from being head boy, made deputy of dorm instead. A heavy price ...Read full memory

A memory of Grassington by Peter Hurst


I was born in Grassington in March 1953, in a small cottage in a row of three on Chaple Street. They were known as the "Monkey Houses", as they are probably, still known today. By true locals anyway. My father was born at the town ...Read full memory

A memory of Grassington by Ian Kayley

Happy Days

My Memories of Netherside Hall Grassington 1965 to 1967, Hello there, my name is Gareth Helliwell, I was at Netherside Hall from 1965 to 1967. They were great days. Mr Anderton was head master, Mr Young was our teacher and yes, ...Read full memory

Lasts Day At Netherside Hall

I was there frim 1982 to 1990 the longset serving child and youngest in that decade Glenn Campbell at first but my mum got remarried so changed my name to Glenn Hughff AKA "Huffy" . in the last days of been at ...Read full memory

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