Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Neg. 89061

Memories of Grassington

Family Connections.

The mill in the photograph is Low Mill at Grassington. My ancestor William Irving lived here with his family before 1820 until his death in 1843 aged 84. He was a woolcomber. His son James Irving also lived here with his ...Read full memory

Best School Year Of My Life

I was one of the boys at the school from 1955-1958. I had a great time boarding there. Mr Anderton was the head master at the time. I remember we all watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon on a black and wihte TV.


Hi I was born in Threshfield in 1954. My growing up years were done in Grassington. My Auntie Mary had the Black Horse back then and the chipshop was next door. I went to school in Grassington also and my best friend was Judith Easterby. If anyone knows me please contact me. Yvonne Booth (Dicken)

My Time At Netherside Hall School 1967 To 168

hi my name is anthony blackburn i ad some good time there i remember tony haywood and a boy called steven windows he was in a wheelchair i used to be in the football team as well mr mercer was my ...Read full memory

A memory of Grassington

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