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My Mum. Grays, Essex.

The High Street c1955, Grays
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My mum's family came from Elm Road and my grandad (nickname "Ocker" Salmon) was (I believe) fairly well known, as he had a greengrocery round that he did by horse and cart, then I believe he had a greengrocer shop round the corner from where he lived. I am not certain of the year he did this? He had a riding school some years later down past Manor Road, at the back of the train lines. I just had to visit the overgrown yard a few months ago and it brought back all kind of memories. My mum (Daisy) always took me to Grays High Street to do her shopping (was it Tesco?). Some weekends we would go round the old Grays market and all I could smell was fish and crabs. After we would go in a cafe near the market where I would sit on a high stool and have a milkshake. There was a shop called Joys which was just round the corner. I believe the pub was near the market, was it called the Kings Arms? We use to go to the cinema (the State or the Ritz) and pay about 1/6d to get in. I think it was 1/6d? There we would get popcorn or icecream off the lady who paraded up and down the aisle. She would have one of those trays in front of her with a selection of goodies on it. The tray was supported by a strap going round her shoulders (if I remember correctly?). As we lived in Tilbury, we had to catch the bus home. It didn't have doors, just an open platform and a long bar (which was useful if you had to run for the bus, as you could grab onto the pole and lever youself on). The buses had a silver cigarette stubber at the back of each seat, and I think the butts ended up on the floor. I can still remember the bus conducter lady with her blonde hair in a very high bun, and the sound of her ticket machine as she produced a ticket for you. I can still visualize my dear mum standing in the High Streett with her soft dark curly hair and her posh black coat that had this fur collar. These are some of my memories of being a kid with my dear mum. My mum worked at a launderette in approximately 1948 (she was about 16 then), but I do not know whereabouts this launderette was in Grays. Does anyone remember where this was?

A memory of Grays in Essex shared on Sunday, 14th November 2010.

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RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

Hello, my mum used to take me to the same cafe for my favourite banana milkshake - it was whisked up in a metal container - I think it was Clapps Cafe almost opposite Joys department store. The launderette could possibly have been the one that was next to the old library (now Thameside Theatre) and next to the Bairds cake shop with Noads music and pram shop on the corner. I can remember paying ls6d to get into the cinema and it was only today as I walked pass the State Cinema building that I mentioned it to my son - I also showed him where he could peek into the entrance of the cinema as see how beautiful it is inside he was amazed and said why don't they do something with the building - I think a lot of people are saying that too! Happy memories - enjoyed reading yours.

Comment from Ann Martinez on Monday, 20th June 2011.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

ivan lane 102 new road grays essex / I have just viewed all about the comments from you all up in grays / the old laundry corner b road was bombed by a v2 rocket / thank you for all the memories all yous guys have lived the same life of all your mums and g/dads lives every thing what has been told I have lived it / the old exmouth swimming pool I lived in there /even meeson lane we were living there when a german plane was shot down and crashed onto the old fort / I have still remembered friends I used to go around with !!derrick kimmings/ brain quilter / jack rider / stanley broad / mary white
jean bains only a few / I went to argent street and then park secondary school I went into the army RASC I do hope some body will know me my e/mail is I live down in New zealand now and would like to hear from any one from grays thank you once again I have had a lump in my throat when reading about the old days of grays Ivan

Comment from Ivan Lane on Sunday, 16th February 2014.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

So lovely to have received so many replies from everyone..thank you for all the memories and shared information.

Comment from Cheryl Wood on Friday, 9th August 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

Maurice England seems to have forgotten Tilbury Laundry which was in New Road, number 75..... and may have been BEFORE the Co-op Laundry which was in Bridge Road, near Argent Street, not in Argent Street.

Comment from Alan Knight on Tuesday, 6th August 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

Hi Maurice, thank you for comment on the launderette in Argent Street. I have also emailed you. So maybe it must have been the Coop launderete my mum worked. Thank you for information, really appreciated, kind regards Cheryl.

Comment from Cheryl Wood on Sunday, 4th August 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

The Launderette that you mention was in fact the very first one in the town apart from the Coop laundry which was in Argent Street. The launderette that you mention is correct and was next door to Baird's Bakery near to the old Library. It was owned by my friends father Mr Hardman and was opened around 1957/8 and remained open until Mr Hardmans untimely demise at the age of 54 around 1965.

Comment from Maurice England on Wednesday, 31st July 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

Yes, Grays has changed so much but everytime we return to England we have go for a walk to see the changes. So far thank goodness the Church is still there. We heard that where Joyes used to be is going to be a Tech College, is this true?

Comment from Carol Mogg (Smith) on Thursday, 21st March 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

I would like to thank everyone for all the comments.So lovely to get replies .thank you all x

Comment from Cheryl Wood on Saturday, 26th January 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

The only laundry I remember is the Coop laundry which was in the lower end of Bridge Road, leading into Argent Street.

Comment from Patricia Gaywood on Friday, 25th January 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

Douglas Marriot contacted me but I have lost his email address he used to live in Exmouth Road.

Comment from Patricia Gaywood on Friday, 25th January 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I knew your granddad, and so did my dad; who was also in the Green Grocery business. We had a farm in Meesons Lane and I met your granddad when the pony I use to ride as a child (which lived on our farm,) was sold to him and I use to go to his stable to see him. He took me out on the horse and cart once with my friend Lyn - we helped him deliver a load of manure! I remember the lady with the bun too, she was on the busses for many years; I used to see her on the bus I got to school, at Stiffordclays. It's sad to see Grays the way it is now - it use to be a lovely town with all the quaint shops and the state cinema - sadly in decline! Thanks for the memory.

Comment from Jenny Harvey on Thursday, 24th January 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

The bus lady with the high bun was Joan from Stifford Clays.

Comment from KEVIN GOODRUM on Friday, 11th January 2013.

RE: My Mum. Grays, Essex.

Hi Ivan.I read your mum grew up i grays thurrock..Its so nice to get replies..I only remember some things as i grew up i tilbury.I was born on the farmers place they use to call "The Camp". In 1956..It belonged to old Dick Mott the farmer...My husbands mum's maiden name was quilter..must ask him if he knows a brian quilter..Thank you for info about the mum worked there as a teenager..She came from Elm Rd..had brothers called George..he died young on a ship in thewar.then there was Elbert and.Elias ..sisters milly and granny married twice and was known by the name of nice fo read your post ..reagards cheryl wood..

Comment from Cheryl Wood on Sunday, 16th February 2014.


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