Great Bookham, Downsway c.1955

Great Bookham, Downsway c.1955

Neg. G51030

Memories of Great Bookham

My Dad's Shop

My Dad ran a grocers shop in this parade in the 60's.


It's only roughly 1955 because we lived there from 1944 and moved to Little Bookham but I always remember Mum used to go to, as she would say, Absolems, which I remember well. I knew St Nicholas church then, we always went to ...Read full memory

The Comic Store

Had this been only 4 years later that could have been me in the photo. Just inside on the right (and so behind the inward opening door) was where the Commando and WPL comics were kept and thus visiting the newsagents was a weekly pilgrimage come pocket money day.

A memory of Great Bookham by 01gm40

The Old Crown At Bookham 1960`S

Spent a few evenings in here. Used to meet up with my pals for a jar or two. There was Nigel Bennett, Martin & Chris Lodge, Dennis & Ken Peachey, and many others. Happy days.

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