Great Bookham, St Nicholas' Parish Church c.1955

Great Bookham, St Nicholas' Parish Church c.1955

Neg. G51042

Memories of Great Bookham, St Nicholas' Parish Church c1955


My grandmother was married here, as were my parents and then, as was I. I was also christened here by Reverend (later Canon) Edwards, - Rev Ed to most people who knew him, I believe!

December 24

My parents, Rose Marston and Roy Sopp were married in this church! I have the wedding photo of them standing in the side entrance.

Memories of Great Bookham

Butchers And Ironmongers Owned By Cordingly Family

Wasn't this at one time a butchers and then later became the Ironmongers owned by the Cordingley family? I am talking about the early 1900's and am not quite old enough to remember that.

A memory of Great Bookham

The Court Perhaps

I believe the house on the left behind the hedge is the Court. The Kleboe family lived here I think.

A memory of Great Bookham

2, Grove Cottages, Leatherhead Road

My brother Ray and myself lived at this address, depicted on the right of the photograph, with our parents, Alec and Doris, known as Dot and Davie. During the war a child from 1, Grove Cottages crawled through the fence and was killed on the road outside by a passing coach. Just beyond our house, which ...Read full memory


My grandfather set up this shop on the right.

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