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Greatham Railway Station, And Station Houses.

The Green c1955, Greatham
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Well I lived in Middlesbrough, I used to get the bus to Greatham, my sister Sylvia and I, we would visit our relations Uncle Jack Wright, and Aunty Nellie, we also had another relative there, Uncle Albert Wright and Aunty Florie. We would get off the bus and walk down the lane to where my aunty and uncle lived. They lived in one of the four houses next to the railway crossing gates. They were the greatest couple you could ever wish to meet. We used to stay at their home from time to time on school holidays, this we will never forget and loved more than anything we could ever hope for. We would get up early and feed Uncle Jack's chickens whitch he kept in a garden out of his back. We would also pick vegetables freshly grown from his garden. Later Uncle Jack would take us in the signal box at the station where he was the station master. Uncle Jack would let us pull the levers back when things were quiet. Later we would then go round the rear of the signal box where there were a few pig styes, we loved feeding the pigs with bits and pieces. We would then meet up with another relative of ours, Albert Wright. He woudl then call for all his friends, lads and lasses. We would all walk back fown the lane, acorss the crossing and head for the Cerebus Salt, and play by Greatham creek. These great happy times we had will never ever leave me. I used to hate the thought of going back home as the time got near. I lived in a street house with back alleys, that was all the area I lived in. The only place could go was a park a couple of miles away, and it was the same thing, day in, day out. So you can understand the very thought of going to Greatham meant so much to my sister and I. They were the kindest people, Aunty Nellie and Uncle Jack, you could never ever have anyone better. I never stop thinking of the most beautiful and happiest times we had and could ever get, when we we went to Greatham. Malcolm and later sister Sylvia Wright. My priceless memories.

Written by Malcolm Wright. To send Malcolm Wright a private message, click here.

A memory of Greatham in Cleveland shared on Sunday, 10th October 2010.

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RE: Greatham Railway Station, And Station Houses.

This information given in your article is good. I was looking for it.

Comment from Paul Armstrong on Tuesday, 11th January 2011.


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