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Greenock, Strathclyde
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Before My Time

The road you see, scarring the middle left of the picture, is known as Bow Road. Apparently there was a farm at the top of this road known as Bow Farm. The housing estate that was subsequently built in the post war years after 1945, was and still is known as Bow Farm. I was born in this area in 1949 and, as things often go ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenock by Hugh Gurney

Steven Farelli

I have heard about the beautiful countryside around Greenock from an old friend - contact now lost. He moved from the Gorbals with his family when he was 12, in 1961ish. I think his father worked in the shipyards. Does anyone remember Steven? He left school at 16 after 'O' levels and went to work in the tax office at ...Read full memory

Proud To Have Been Born In Greenock

I was born in Greenock in 1953 and we left in the late 1960s, we moved to England due to the fact there was no work in Greenock. I never liked being away from all my cousins and friends but I was only young then. I went to St Joseph's school and remember it like it was yesterday. We lived on Paton Street ...Read full memory