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Auchmountain Springs.

Auch Mountain Well 1904, Greenock
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As a boy in the 1930s and 1940s I often visited Auchmountain Glen. It was a fascinating place with a pleasant walk and many plants and flowers together with statues and even some ships' figureheads. There was a clubhouse which was used by the Auchmountain Boys. These were the local men who created and looked after the glen as part of their leisure activity, especially during the depression of the 1930s. They all went off to the Second World War. Sadly a bomb hit the glen during the war and spoiled the lovely place. There were two springs where people could come and drink the spring water. Some brought bottles and filled them from the spring. I remember there was a little poem by No.2 Spring inviting people to drink. Erected in this Bonnie Glen By self-denying working men To meet the wants of passers-by Who happened to be unco dry 'Tis ever free to all wha pass The Masher, or the Country Lass Can hither draw too, Number two And taste the real Auchmountain Dew Now in my... Read more

Rev. Willoughby Howell St Bartholomews Church

Old West Kirk 1899, Greenock
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For near on 20 years I have been trying to trace my family history. I seem to hit so many brick walls that my family are starting to become an enigma to me. My father's grandfather was Edward Thomas Howell, who was the brother of Willoughby John Howell. Willougby became the Reverend of St Bartholomews Episcopal Church in the 1920s. I would really appreciate any information on Willoughby and his family. Willoughby married Mary Page Robertson in 1901 and they had a son Alexander Howell born at the rectory on Broomberry Drive in 1904.

Days Gone by

From Whinhill 1899, Greenock
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My Granddad was born somewhere about this time and is now part of Whinhill as that is where his ashes were scattered at his request. This looks like the old mill and if it is, there is a railway bridge just in front of the tenement buildings where one of his sisters lived. I can remember her waving from the window as we went went for the 'Men's Sunday Walk'. This involved my cousin Andy and me walking along behind mimicking the hands clasped behind the back walk and posture of our elders. I lived in the Drumfrochar Road near the Lynedoch Street end till I was 12 and was then transported South on Guy Fawkes night 5th of November 1960! Last time I visited all of that was just rubble, a building site now I believe.

Highland Industries

Old West Kirk 1899, Greenock
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Would anyone have information on a company called Highland Industries? it was located in Greenock Scotland.

Before my Time

Cemetery 1899, Greenock
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The road you see, scarring the middle left of the picture, is known as Bow Road. Apparently there was a farm at the top of this road known as Bow Farm. The housing estate that was subsequently built in the post war years after 1945, was and still is known as Bow Farm. I was born in this area in 1949 and, as things often go full circle, I have ended up back in this area sometime around 1998. Actually live on Bow Road as mentioned earlier although a quarter of a mile further up than the photo indicates. The water is the Murdieston Dam where I used to sail a yacht with my dad, around 1953. Happy memories.

Where is my Birth Mother

Old West Kirk 1899, Greenock
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My birth mother was born in Greenock on September 26, 1926. I have been looking for her for 35 years. She came to Canada before I was born. I was born in 1950 and I don't know if she ever returned. Her name was Rose Marie Giubbani MacKenzie. If anyone has any information about her or her family, please get in touch. Her adopted father had a cafe in Greenook and he was from Italy. Her adopted mother was Maeri MacDonald. Thank you to everyone that reads this and can help me.

Angus Macdonald, Artist Fiddle Player And Fisherman From Greenock

Auch Mountain Well 1904, Greenock
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Hello, I am rying to find out about my grandfather's past, Angus Macdonald, born 1862. He became a good artist and fiddle player and also a fisherman so my mother tells me, I am told he came from Greenock, I wonder if anyone heard or knew about his fiddle playing back in the day or has some of his work hanging on a wall? He moved to Carradle in Kintyre.

Holmcroft Street

Holmscroft School 1904, Greenock
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My father was born and raised on Holmscroft Street. He left in 1950. I have been and know that his segment of Holmscroft Street has been torn down.

Does anyone know if this school was anywhere near Holmscroft Street? Does it still exist?

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