Greenock, Strathclyde
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Days Gone By

I remember the Blitz and losing family at 43/45 Belville Street. I was only 7 then didn't fully realize the overall mayhem of these two nights in May 1941. My dad moved us all to New Lanark where we stayed for two years before ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenock by Ed Bignell

Rev. Willoughby Howell St Bartholomews Church

For near on 20 years I have been trying to trace my family history. I seem to hit so many brick walls that my family are starting to become an enigma to me. My father's grandfather was Edward ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenock by Toni Harvey

Angus Macdonald, Artist Fiddle Player And Fisherman From Greenock

Hello, I am rying to find out about my grandfather's past, Angus Macdonald, born 1862. He became a good artist and fiddle player and also a fisherman so my mother tells me, I am ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenock by Peter Macvean