Guildford, High Street 1953

Guildford, High Street 1953

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Memories of Guildford

My Mom

It seems there is ALWAYS a High Street in villages in England.  My mom, Robina James, was here often and took me there as a teenager in the mid-60's.


My father was farm manager at Orange Court Farm from 1964-1967. We lived in one of the cedar wood bungalows put up in Littleton, I suspect in the early 1960s, by the More-Molyneux family for estate workers - they also owned the ...Read full memory

A memory of Guildford by Andrew Webb

As A Child

I remember going with my nan to see her sister Maud Chennell who used to live in Castle Street.  I remember it as being a very small house.  I remember my great aunt had a musical box shaped like a swiss cabin.  I ...Read full memory

A memory of Guildford by Susan White

Mom Attended Here In The 1930's

Mom did take me to Guildford and the surrounding area a few times in the mid 60's and late 60's. I was quite young....she went from here to Horsham school. Horsham school I can find nothing on. Do you know ...Read full memory

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The last chapter's tour starts in Guildford, a cathedral city since 1927. Sir Edwin Maufe's dignified and apt cathedral was only completed in 1966, with much of the work dating from the period spanned by this book. The town has a superb situation on the chalk ridge, with a castle south of the High Street; the ridge is cut through by the River Wey. Many superb buildings complement the townscape, and this 1950s view looking west just before the major descent to the river valley captures some of this quality. Note the road with its stone setts rather than tarmac.