Guildford, High Street 1953

Guildford, High Street 1953

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Memories of Guildford

My Mother's Birthplace

Both my mother and my uncle were born at my nan's house in Quarry Street. My mother was born there on 11th February 1927.  My uncle was born there fourteen months prior to my mother.  My nan had nine children, ...Read full memory

A memory of Guildford by Susan White

Happy Days

My then boyfriend worked on Saturdays selling ice creams, I used to go up there to see him and sit in the sun looking at the stunning views.

First Date

This is where my boyfriend (now husband) and I went on our first date. I was so nervous I could hardly eat a thing, I was very shy at that time. We went to the cinema after the meal to see The Yellow Rolls Royce. We married in ...Read full memory

A memory of Guildford by Linda Potts


I can happily remember the roof garden cafe, it was wonderful with frothy coffee in little glass cups, and we would sit on one of the "island's" that the stepping stones in the picyure led to. I also remember my sister Sue being about ...Read full memory

A memory of Guildford by Bob Whitehead
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