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Memories of Shropshire

Stiperstones Poem


T’was long ago the Ludlow people vexed the Devil very sore
He vowed to stone their homes and steeples until they were no more
On Cranberries Hill he then collected his apron full of rocks and stones
With these missiles he expected he could break the peoples bones

Swiftly crossing roads and rivers past the peasant peoples homes
Through the land of peaceful livers till he reached the Stiperstones
O’er the mountain dark and dreare hurried satan on his way
Vowing war and strife and riot on the people miles away

Suddenly the strings were broken in a heap the stones all fell
And he left them as a token of his presence there to tell
Then cursed he Ludlow and it’s tower from the top of Stiperstones
In the fury of the hour built a chair of rocks and stones

And tis said at midnight hour when the moon is rising high
Satan sits in state and power while the ghosts of... Read more

Lea Cross School

My auntie, Dorothy Jones, was a teacher at Lea Cross school and I remember going with her to the school for a day when I was about 3 or 4.  I wonder if anyone remembers her.  The head teacher was a Mrs Pierce.

Mum And Dad

My mum dad and two sisters and brother lived here, Mum used to walk a mile a day to fetch a pale of water. When I was born we had to move to Stiperstones because the house wasn't big enough, the house at the bog only had two bedrooms, so my brother slept on the landing, till we moved I slept in an open drawer. I would love to hear from anyone who knew my family then. My mum was Phyllis Hotchkiss, my dad was Lincoln Hotchkiss. Thank you, Mike Hotchkiss

Bomere Pool Near Bayston Hill

I grew up at the Masonic Arms in Belle View, Shrewsbury. When I was a child my mother and I used to cycle to Bomere Pool near Bayston Hill to pick primroses in the spring. She used to tell me about the legends that it was bottomless and also that some people said there was a village at the bottom and sometimes you could hear the church bell ring. It was a wonderful wild and mysterious place. We left Shropshire when I was 14. I tried to take my husband there in the 1970s when we were visitng for the flower show but we couldn't find it. I recently discovered the work of Mary Webb and am reading 'Precious Bane'. I recognised the setting as Bomere Pool. It brought back so many memories. I've heard it is now owned by a water sports company, what a shame!

The Hotel Garage

The Hotel 1910, Church Stretton
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My grandfather Bert Hedger managed the garage attached to The Hotel during the late 1920s. It belonged to Phillip West who was a mill owner from Manchester and was managed by his sister-in-law Lillian Harker. It was a five star hotel and all the best people stayed there. A lot of famous racing drivers from the 1920s stayed there for the Shelsby Walsh hill trials, including Wolf Banato of Bentley's and also Freddie Field of Bugatti's - he would stock up with 2 gallon tins of aviation spirit and tins of pure benzene. The autumn meet would fill the place with racing cars. The drivers or their mechanics would arrive at 8.00 in the morning to warm their engines up and would rev them for 5-10 minutes at a time. Petrol was sold at 1/- per gallon and punctures were repaired for 2/6d. Warming up the engines resulted in a lot of complaints from the local townsfolk.
Grandpa remembers one old gentleman of 70 years of age, Fred Platt,... Read more

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