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Holy Trinity School c1965, Halifax

Holy Trinity School c1965, Halifax

Holy Trinity School c1965, Halifax Ref: H9119

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Halifax & local memories

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Halifax Borough Market

When I was a small child in the 1950's my father had a toy stall in Halifax Borough Market. It was a wondrous place for a child in those days, a family, a community, with all the market children growing up together. I remember a cafe run by the Sullivan family that sold the cold fish (Halifax Fish) which I can honestly say was the best I have ever tasted. The market was full of interesting characters selling tripe, lino, pots and pans and everything you could ever want. There used to be an old lady on the door with an enormous 'weighing chair' for which she charged a penny. The market was extremely cold in the winter, everybody wore hats and mittens. It was a long day, usually finishing about 6.30 in the evening. Lots of stalls having their own selling calls - shouting out to the shoppers, touting for business, often very amusing. Stalls stayed in one family for many generations unlike today when the shops change... Read more

Happy Sunny Days.

I only have great sunny memories of Halifax as a child. A lot of these photos in the 1960's show the sunshine... just how I remember it. My granddad worked on the buses and in the photos he may have been on one of those! His mate on the buses was called Arthur Crowther and me and my brothers used to call him "Half A Crown". I went to Trinity School and the teachers were great. Much more humane than the ones I had to suffer with when I had to move back to lousy Oldham Lancashire - Uggh! Also on Tuesday I think after scones for tea - Thunderbirds! The best years of my youth were in Halifax and I can remember Mr Caley the grocer (Caley's) on Hopwood Lane, the bands playing at The People's Park on Sunday. Sometimes we would walk to Warley in the evening in summer and have lemonade and crisps at The Maypole pub, playing at the park nearby and having a bit of... Read more

Anyone Remember

My Dad was born and lived in Halifax. When he was young a family firm which had a stall in the market hall delivered a fish speciality on bicycles with baskets. We all called it "Halifax Fish" and it was a piece of haddock in a round patty covered in batter. They were sold cold and could be eaten cold or re-heated and eaten hot. As a child I went to the market hall with my Dad to buy Halifax Fish usually 6 or 10 pieces. They were about the size of a man's palm. We adored the stuff and I would often have a half piece for breakfast before catching the bus to school. Brand's A1 sauce being the essential accompaniment. Does anyone remember this Halifax delicacy? I think the recipe and supply of this wonderful food died with the last family member to make and sell it. If anyone recalls, please add a comment. If anyone has the recipe......!

Wish I Could Remember More.

Broad Street Bowling Alley c1965, Halifax
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I too remember the bowling alley, and the Odeon cinema, the bus station, and the drip teacakes, and cups of hot tea,

New Bank

General View c1955, Halifax
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When I was a small child I was taken to my aunt and uncle's house at 59 New Bank, Halifax - this was a house over shops. The house was one up and down with gas lighting and a cellar and also an attic room (where visitors slept). I remember being very interested in the view from the "balcony" - we could see the OBJ from the brewery and at night the town was lit up. Despite the fact that my aunt and uncle's house was in a slum clearance area, I loved staying there. Now the Burdock Way and the flyover has obliterated all I remember.

Fountain Street

Fountain Street c1965, Halifax
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I left Crossley & Porter school in 1963 and went to work as a trainee dispensing optician at Rayner & Keeler, 20 Fountain Street, Halifax. Next door was a bespoke tailors named Tillets. Our shop was very small and when Tillets retired in about 1968, Rayners moved into their premises which were much larger. Next door was the Hebble Bus Co. booking office. A gents hairdresser, who was across the road (Jim Sutcliffe, I think) moved into our old premises. I got married in the same year and was transferred to our branch in Keighley. Happy days!

Old Days

Wheatley Valley c1955, Halifax
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Born Jumples in 1945 above where the flats are, before the houses where built. Went to Stanaly Green 1953 moved to Hunter Hill near the old mill.

Brunswick Bowl

Broad Street Bowling Alley c1965, Halifax
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I saw Elsie Tanner open it in the sixties - cant remember the exact year, my grandma lived in the flats opposite and the Star pub was at the side.

Bowling Alley

Broad Street Bowling Alley c1965, Halifax
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I also went to Akey Place in the early sixties and vividly recall sneaking into the bowling alley by crouching down below the entrance desk. The loud music and bright lights were very American to we kids.

Pellon Lane Area in The 1950s

Broad Street Bowling Alley c1965, Halifax
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I used to live just off Commercial Road on Gibson Street in the 1950s. The houses were very basic with a living room, a bedroom, attic and cellar. We shared a toilet with another family which was at the end of the terrace. I went to Pellon Lane junior school, and I played on what we localy called the 'back lane' which consisted of a smallholding belonging to Mr Clayton, he kept chickens (which I sometimes fed with stale bread!]), pigeons and sometimes a horse would be there. There was some rocks behind the smallholding and I used to play there with my friend June, they overlooked Lee Bank and Crossley's. Sometimes when we visit and drive up Lee Bank, I look up and you can still see them. Even though we were poor everyone was in the same boat so we didn't know anything different. Happy days!

Walking Past The Bowling Alley

Broad Street Bowling Alley c1965, Halifax
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I remember walking past the bowling alley and the sound of Pet Clarks "Downtown" coming from somewhere, I am almost certain it was from the Alley. We were on our way to Calines Supermarket if I rember right, underneath the Accapulco night club. It was amazing, it had automatic sliding doors. When you stood on the big mat they opened. Science fiction stuff. "Downtown" was an amazing sound Me mam had picked me up from Akroyd Place council school. Has anyone got any photos of that for me to see?

Gibbet Street

Remains of The Gibbet c1960, Halifax
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This used to be at the side of the old fire station where the metro club is now. It was moved to make way for the Aarchen way. I think they used it as a rubbish tip.


Broad Street Bowling Alley c1965, Halifax
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I don't personally remember this but my mom used to tell me a funny 'story' about the pin on the pin on the top - she used to tell me that one day it fell off, rolled down the road and knocked 10 people over! She said it thought they were pins! She was joking of course! I used to go shopping with my dad there in the 1970s when it was Presto supermarket!

Mackintosh Homes

Mackintosh Homes c1955, Halifax
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I can remember going to visit a lady who lived in the corner house here. It always fascinated me that she had a clock on her mantlepiece with a lady that sat on a swing that used to swing back and forward.

Gibbet Railings

Remains of The Gibbet c1960, Halifax
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The old railings that used to surround the gibbet, which I think are now in Bankfield Museum, were made by one of my Great-Great Grandfathers.

Shop at Entrance to Halifax Market Hall 1896

Market Hall Entrance 1896, Halifax
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Charles Wilson Aked b.1859 was joint proprietor of this mens' outfitters shop. He had married Florence Edna Wadsworth in 1895 and they had 2 daughters Florence Gertrude and Constance, later Mrs Cockcroft. Charles sister Kate Helena Aked had married James Mitchell my grandfather and had an Accountants, Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers business which a few years later moved into premises nearby at 15 Commercial Street, Halifax.

My Lovely Halifax.

I remember going to Palins dance hall, I remember going to the cinema, but I do not remember the name of the cinema, it was near Bank Top, they used to play Telstar, as I said, my memories or skeche,

Illingworth Remembered

I lived in Keighley Drive, opposite Crossleys sportsfield until I got married and moved to Bradford with my husband. I have so many lovely memories of Illingworth and Ovenden. My brother went to St. Thomas More school and I attended Clare - Hall. When we grew up we used to go to the pub across the road called the Queens Head, but all the locals called it the Hens Face because it was named after Queen Victoria. I also remember my grandparents having their 60th Wedding Anniversary party at The Talbot Inn. We had many happy times as children and I remember the little sweet shop in Keighley road run by a gentlemen called George, his wife and daughters. I now live in South Africa but have great memories of those days.

Union St

I remember, as a child, a herbalist shop that sold sasparela. We used to buy it in a pint glass and stand outside to drink it, pretending it was beer.

I Was Born Here

I was born in Holmfield in 1934. I went to Moorside School and later Princess Mary High School in Parkinson Lane. I was married in St.Mary's Church, Illingworth in 1954 and lived for a short time back at the home of my birth in Holmfield. My husband and I and 2 of our children emigrated to Australia in 1959 and I have lived in Australia for 54 years. I have one Australian born child. My eldest daughter is taking a trip back to the home of her birth in June 2013 and will visit relatives and many of the places that I have talked about over the years. She was 4 years old when we left UK. My late husband used to work at what is now called Holmfield Mills. I worked at John Mackintosh for a few years in their offices. I have very fond memories of HX and district. Such places as Shibden Hall, Ogden Reservoir and the Moors, Hardcastle Crags, and Shibden Valley, to name... Read more

Tea Room in The Piece Hall

At the turn of the 20th century my great-grandparents, Mr & Mrs Fielding, had a tea room in the Piece Hall. They would open very early and supply tea, cakes and steamed fish (I believe) to the workers on the way to their day's employment. My grandma, Hannah (Annie) Fielding and her sisters would work there too, making the food and serving customers.

The Picture Theatre Halifax (sorry Can't Remember The Name)

My eldest sister Lynne and I used to attend the sixpenny matinee. Before joining the queue outside we would walk down to Woolworths and get threepence worth of broken biscuits to share. They were a real treat as you would get chocolate biscuits in the assortment. We lived in Exley, so we would catch the bus into Halifax. We are ex-patriots as we have lived in Australia since 1968. We often walk down memory lane. Halifax is where we spent our childhood. My sister went to Princess Mary's Grammar School and I went to Siddal School. Our maiden name was Bygrave. This is a terrific site.

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