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The Scarlet Pimpernel c1960, Harborne

The Scarlet Pimpernel c1960, Harborne

The Scarlet Pimpernel c1960, Harborne Ref: H365021

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My School

St Peter's School c1965, Harborne
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From 1955 to 1961 I spent the best years of my school days with wonderful friends - it was brilliant there. My teachers were Mrs Payne, Mrs Davies and Mr Griffiths. Mrs Lewis and Mrs Bright and head teacher Mr Lloyd. There was a sports ground at the back. The only problem was the toilets - they were outside and in the winter the water froze in the toilets.

My Dad

The Duke of York c1955, Harborne
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My dad Harry Kitchener Stacey worked part time as a bar man at the Duke. I remember coming on the bus from Bartly Green in the afternoons, sometimes after finishing his shift, dad would take me to the afternoon movies just around the corner.

Harborne Park Road And Woodleigh Avenue

I was born in 1939. I knew a girl who lived on Harborne Park Road next to the gully. My brother and I used to catch the bus on Harborne Park Road to go to Bournville School. My mother used to buy rabbits to make rabbit stew from the butcher on Harborne Park Road. I lived at 41 Woodleigh Avenue until I was 11 years old when we left for Australia. I remember the war years well... The air raid shelter in the back garden shared with neighbours, the sirens, the searchlights, and watching the dogfights in the sky. I remember being evacuated. Despite the war I have many happy childhood memories. I remember my friends in the avenue who remembered me when, 38 years after I left for a trip back to Birmingham and Woodleigh Avenue. Many were still there and all that were welcomed me home. I remember the allotments where we kept our much loved pig Betsy. I... (Awaiting moderation, read more soon)

Harborne Lane, Golden Cross

I was born over the butchers shop in Harborne Lane, my parents Harry and Gertrude Ludlow owned the shop. My mother kept the shop open all through the war years and I can remember marking off the meat ration books when I was about 10 years old. Not quite sure when rationing finished probably about 1952. I remember all the shops down there and the folks that owned them. I worked in the shop straight from school (The Blue Coat School), still there today and the Francis Frith picture of it brings back a lot of good memories. Does anyone remember a kindergarten called Glenagerry which was opposite the library in Harborne High Street. There was a little gents open air toilet also opposite (very rare). Miss Marshall was the principle of the school. I had a brief spell at St Peters School then Bournville School then I went to Newport House school on Court Oak Rd, Ms Hands the principle and owner. The school is not there anymore, I... Read more

Looking For A Family

I'm trying to locate a family from the Harborne Lane area, Selly Oak. I have very few details. The family name is Davies the father was Stan, I believe he had 2 sons. He had a sister or aunty called Betty, I think his mother was called Margaret and father Arthur. I believe they had a garage selling or repairing cars, and this was sold a few years ago. I would be extremely greatful for any details anyone may have?

1939 ONWARDS I Remember

I was born in 1939, the year war started, and remember being lifted out of bed in the middle of the night and the barrage balloons looked like big elephants in the sky. I also remember the table shelter in the lounge which I was put in with my brother, and my Mickey Mouse gas mask, reddish with a tongue and green on the bottom, it smelt funny. I remember going out and picking up silver paper that had dropped from planes, and also the sweet tins, black, with malted milk tablets, which were given to us by Uncle Bill in the Army - these were given to the soldiers. And I remember cod liver oil, and malt, and ration books - the clothing one was pink.

I lived at 428 Harborne Park Road, next to the gully which led to Woodleigh Avenue. I walked to school each day to the junior school in York Road. I walked four times a day up Metchley Lane because I did... Read more

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