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Prince of Wales Hotel 1923, Harrogate

Prince of Wales Hotel 1923, Harrogate

Prince of Wales Hotel 1923, Harrogate Ref: 74580

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Grand Hotel

Having gained my Air Gunners wing in Egypt I was posted to the Air Crew holding unit in Harrogate where I stayed for about three weeks early on 1945, and again a few months later. I remember the dance held in a marque in the Valley Gardens in August on VJ night (what a night that was!) I was billeted in the Grand Hotel. The CO of this unit was the English wicket keeper Les Ames On parade one morning in the forecourt of the hotel the Orderly Officer was Sebastian Shaw, a well known pre war film actor. This morning we were plagued by a number of dogs running loose around the parade and the CO ordered us to catch them and tie them up. This we proceeded to do - I seem to remember there was a picture in the local paper showing F/O Shaw surrounded by these dogs holding the strings to which they were attached. I remember him standing with a silly look on his face... Read more

St James Cinema

I remember the pianist who played for a week at the St James, I had forgotten what he was called until I saw your entry. A few years later I worked at the St James as a projectionist with a Mr Bell; there was a Miss Greenan who was secretary & in the box office. I can also remember one of the usherettes, a very tall girl who stayed there for a long time & also worked in the box office, I think (her name escapes me just now). I have forgotten the owner who was a very nice, friendly fellow, it was my first job and I was frightened and nervous for ages. Derrick Armstrong and a lady who used to chain smoke Capstan double strength and Mrs Baker were also projectionists. I later went round the corner to the Regal (ABC) and worked with Harry & Donny Balmforth & a chap called Wilson who was chief. I used to enjoy playing with the lights in the arches where... Read more


Clarendon Hotel 1907, Harrogate
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In 1885 a Tom Gascoigne was baptised in Christchurch in Harrogate. His parents were Thomas John Gascoigne and Florence Nightingale (nee King). The address given on the baptisal certificate is Clarendon Hotel, Harrogate. Thomas is recorded as 'hotelkeeper'. By 1901 he has died and the census shows that Florence is a 'hotel proprietor & publican', so presumably still owns/runs the Clarendon. Florence remarries a Walter Holroyd Oates on 14 June 1905 but the marriage is shortlived as he dies in April 1911.

Teen Years in Harrogate

St Peter's Church And War Memorial 1927, Harrogate
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Remember it well, no photos, do you remember the old pump room? Think it was Hales Bar, you could get half a cider, it would last all night, happy days. We used to meet up with guys from police training college from Pannal.

Saturday Dance Nights

Grand Hotel 1902, Harrogate
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Does anyone remember the Saturday dances at the Grand Hotel? I loved the Jazz dances, especially Acker Bilk, The Temperance Seven and others. The dance floor moved and we hopped jived. What a lovely memory!

Montpellier Night Club

St Peter's Church And War Memorial 1927, Harrogate
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Montpelier night club down the hill from the war memorial. Does anyone remember the club in the 1960s? The night club was one of best late night spots in Yorkshire. Dance floor, meals, bar and gaming room. Cabaret artists each week. 5 bob to get in, 1/9d half a pint. Very dear in those days. Jimmy Cummings was the pianist, Jim Overton the compere and singer, Mick Kean drummer. The club went downhill in the early 1970s and was sold. But in the 1960s it was great. Does anyone remember or have any photos?

George James McConney

St Peter's Church And War Memorial 1927, Harrogate
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Ironically this picture represents two important monuments relating to my maternal uncle. At St. Peter's Church on the right is where he sang as a choir boy. The war memorial on the left immortalizes his death in 1943 at age 20. His name appears on the side facing the church. He served in 1st Airborne, Division Signals, Royal Corps of Signals and gave his life in Tunisia. He grew up nearby on Harlow Moor Drive. I bought this picture on my visit to Harrogate in 2005 and it hangs in my Mum's bedroom.

Harrogate Station Square

Station Square c1965, Harrogate
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Here is Station Square appearing as its architects intended, an open airy town centre piece. The gardens in the foreground are the Coronation Gardens of c.1953, which complimented the Victorian square admirably. Just as this picture was being taken, the lovely old and deliberately 'low roofed' railway station was being totally ruined by the new overscale Station Tower and new station foyer. Looks like Checks' Cafe in the background is boarded up and it wouldn't be too many years hence that the Market Hall and the Coronation Gardens (and their useful public conveniences) would be swept away in the name of progress, with the gross criminal loss a bit later of the re-buildable Victorian Lowther Arcade and the West Yorkshire Road Car Co bus station, where we all met our dates on a Saturday night under the clock. Harrogate needs to move with the times but didn't deserve this onslaught. These are some of the fond memories of a 1950-born Harrogate child coupled with a heavy heart!

Search my Father's Family - Norman Patrick Black

My father's family lived in Harrogate. The first I knew of this was when I was 30 years old. According to my father, my parents were never married - my mother's name was Ruth Caroline Elizabeth Stone (she died in 1998). My mother changed her name to Ruth Black after my brother Charles Patrick Norman Black (known as Charlie) and myself, Caroline Ruth Black (known as Carol) were born. I was born in 1946 and my brother 2 years later. We were brought up in a village in Buckinghamshire, Bow Brickhill which was my mothers birth place. My mother told me that my father had two children and a wife in Harrogate. I don't know their names, if anyone reading this recognises my story, would you please contact me on

Bikes at Baines Corner

I really do remember Baines Bros bike shop - good memories. I bought my BSA there and met all the boys on our bikes at seven thirty every night there - then we looked at the bikes and went to the grotto at Knaresbrough, then on to Wetherby or anywhere there were any more bikes. I loved those days, Peter Dunning (mechanic ex Rowland Winn) still messing with bikes (they are called classics now) in my shed now in Milton Keynes.....

Harrogate Jazz Club Beechwood Court Hotel

In the early 1960's Bob Simpson and I opened the Harrogate Jazz Club at the Beechwood Court Hotel on Cold Bath Road. We booked the best bands from London and Birmingham; Ken Collier, London City Stompers, Second City Jazzmen etc.. Every Saturday night full houses of 500 plus. I left Harrogate and now live in Spain. Fond memories and loads of parties at my house, 64 West End Avenue - any friends left?

West End School - The Oval in The Early 50's

Is there anybody out there who attended West End and who remembers having playtimes on the oval, the purpley/blue uniform with those horizontal block coloured ties, lessons on etiquette and table manners? If so please contact me......were the school records and pupil reports archived and if so, can copies be obtained?

Relatives of Charles Alan Foster

Would like to get in touch with anyone related to or having known Charles Alan Foster's family. He was born in 1906 - married to Edith E Cooper and went to Australia in 1950. I believe this to be my father and know his last address was 51 St Clements Road. He also had a business in John Street (he was a plumber). If anyone knows anything or anyone who may be able to help me put the pieces together I would be most grateful. I also have an older brother Charles Paul Foster and older sister Sylvia Elizabeth Foster. He died in 1971 in Burwood in Australia and I believe his wife returned to yorkshire and died in 1975.

St Robert's Catholic School - 1951 Festival of Britain

This is my Dad's memory and my search for anyone who may have a copy of the photograph explained in the information he gave me which follows. I would love to get a copy as a surprise gift for him, can anyone help me please? Here is the memory:- This is the true story. It was the 'Festival Of Britain' year 1951, (the previous one being 1851 Crystal Palace etc., but I don't remember that one?), anyway, it was the summer of 1951 around the month of June, the Senior class went on a coach trip to mark the occasion (Miss Dawson's class 14 and 15 year olds). We visited Kirkstall Abbey, Howarth Parsonage and then to Leeds where there was a display of inventions for the future, i.e Jet Aircraft, Motor Vehicles Domestic items etc., etc. It was a long day and if I remember rightly we were all tired out by the time arrived in Leeds. The photograph I told you about was either taken before we set off,... Read more

Ex St. Robert's Catholic School, Harrogate

Born in Waterloo Street, Harrogate, in early 1940s. Attended above school until left in 1956. Started work at J.S.Driver, grocers on Beulah Street, Stan Wood manager. Remember 'Syncopated Sandy,' playing piano for whole week at St. James Cinema! Uncle worked at St. James' Cinema,Father at Ritz Cinema, Mother at ABC 'Regal' Cinema, not all at same time!! Would love to hear from any old school/ pals if still around, ones remembered are Howard Wilkinson (his father taught music lessons, lived first house on left after church on Bilton Lane), Alan Barker from 15, Ainsty Road. I might be better remembered as Anthony. Back in Harrogate after 11 & 7 years away. Remember Lindy's Cafe, Countdown dance hall, Bilton Hop, Baines Bike Shop, Gaumont Cinema, Etc:

Muriel Currie''s Memory of Living in Harrogate.

I remember working at the Stylo shoe store on Cambridge Street, also at the Timpsons shoe store on Cambridge Street and later on at the Robert  Hirst raincoat factory in Oatlands. Hello to anyone who remembers me, my E-Mail address is:  My home address is   2960 Gold Rush Lane, Heritage Ranch, Paso Robles,  California  93446,  U.S.A. I would like to hear from you.

Church on Kings Road?

Does anybody have a picture of the church on Kings Road that was knocked down to build the International Hotel?

Pen Pal

I remember corresponding with a lad named Malcolm Richardson at 2 Claro Ave
County Estate during WWII. I have often wondered if he is still alive and where he is. I understand that children were brought from the larger cities to Harrogate to protect them from the bombing by the Germans. I was a school boy in the US and names were given to us by the Red Cross so that we might correspond with each other.

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