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St Mary's Church 1906, Harrow On The Hill

St Mary's Church 1906, Harrow On The Hill

St Mary's Church 1906, Harrow On The Hill Ref: 55673

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Station Road c1965, Harrow On The Hill
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I was only a few months old when this pic was taken. I lived at 44 Station Road till I was about 7 (I think), the last time I went there it was a Samaritans. There was a sweet shop across the road from where I lived, I think the shop owner's name was Dave and I always got free sweets when I went in there with my mum or nan. I also remember the cinema because it was a massive blue corragated iron building, I may have to take a trip on google street map and see what it looks like now.

Hillside Mother And Baby Home

Does anyone please have any photos or information on Hillside Mother and Baby Home 5 Roxborough Park Harrow on the Hill, around 1965/66.

Westbourne House

I was about five or six when we moved the Westbourne House, Mount Park, Harrow on the Hill. Mount Park use to be private an there was a couple called the Morrisons who were in charge of opening and closing the gate. Their daughter was Betty. Westbourne House was a very large private home that was converted to flats during the war. We had the top floor which would have been the maids quarters in years gone by. We lived their until around 1955 when our appartment caught fire and we were relocated to Kenton Lane. I used to go to Weldon Park School and later to Lascelles which is now Whitmore School. Most Sundays we would walk up to St. Mary's Church and wander around the cemetery. As kids we had a wonderful life in that area and I have many happy memories. Anyone want to reach out to me then please send a message.

First Home

My fist home from 1953 to 1959 was in Welldon Crescent and my Primary School was Greenhill Primary. We went to Harrow Baptist and my father was the first baby to be Christened in the "new" Church, now demolished. My grandparents bought the house in Welldon Crescent when it was new and it was advertised as for the "professional classes". Opposite the school was a sweet shop - now why was that such an important memory?! We left when I was six to move to Bucks.

Fish Shop on The Hill

When I was a kid my dad owned a fish shop up the hill, where he sold wet fish to the likes of King Hussein of Jordan, and the Saudi Princes, when they were at Harrow School.

Old Woolworths Store

I am looking for any old photographs of the old Woolworths store as it was which is store number 745/1 which was situated at 1269 Greenford Road, Sudbury Hill, Middlesex - not far from Sudbury Hill underground station on the Piccadilly Line - this store is now an Iceland store. I would be grateful if anyone could help.

The Open Air Swimming Baths in Charles Crescent

I was never a keen swimmer and my school's compulsory trips to the open air pool in Charles Crescent did nothing to encourage me! Every week in Summer Terms an ancient double decker bus would arrive at Pinner Grammar School to take groups of us to the pool. This began in the First Form (1956/57) and continued for years. This was timetabled as a "double period" of P.E. and allowed an hour and ten minutes for the short drive down Village Way through Rayners Lane towards North Harrow and 15 minutes later the bus would pull up by the pool.

I remember there was a chalked notice board by the turnstile advertising the water temperature. We peered through the grimy bus windows and groaned when we caught sight of the notice - no matter what it might say a great chorus would go up "its freezing today!".

A bit of research reminds me that the pool was opened in 1923 on some "left over land"... Read more

The Japanese Gardens

I remember the Japanese Gardens on Mount Park Road on the hill. I have pictures of what was till 1967 Ingleby Court, today it is Ingleby Drive, Harrow on the Hill. Pauline Coles I think would be interested in this once great old place, I have some images. You can't post images onto this website, but they can be seen on my face book: King R E West Sussex along with many more, on album called Assos.


St Marys Church was my special place. I would go there whenever I needed to think or just find inner peace. It helped me through a sometimes difficult transition to adulthood. Although I now live 56 miles away, it is still my place of hope, and I go back there every chance I get. It's so beautiful, my very own stairway to heaven.

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