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Fishing in The River Weaver...

The Bridge 1940, Hartford
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The scene of hours of fishing in the Weaver under the bridge..My uncle Pete gave me my first rod when I was about 8, it was a 2 part rod made of a tank aerial (I was told!), solid and heavy with no flexibility whatever, about 6ft long. Was told never to cast overhead, only underarm!!! Well what use was that , you could only cast out a little more than the length of the rod! So the overhead hurl technique was employed, but only once- the second parting flew out to the middle of the river, broke my nylon and was never seen again...... I tried to recover said missing parting by returning with my mate Dougie Booth and a magnet on a length of string but to no avail. Bread and milk for a fortnight!!!

School Lane & The Grange School

School Lane c1955, Hartford
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I was born at 60 School lane & would like to know what was on the land prior to our house which I think was built in the early thirties.
I attended the Grange School on Bradburns Lane. gray & green uniforms, Mrs. Perry head teacher with Mrs. Atherton, Miss Taylor, Miss Western. Although the school continues for now up to 18 year olds, we left at 11, and there used to be a huge beech tree with a rope ladder which I fell from & rhododendrons we used to play in.
I used to be friendly with the family at Hartford Hall before it became a hotel.
Does anyone remember them ?

The Grange School

School Lane c1955, Hartford
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I went to a school called The Grange in Hartford. Does anyone know where it was, or if it still exists?

Mid Cheshire College of FE

I was at Mid-Cheshire College in 1976. I got to know The Greenbank rather well!

Cheshire memories

Buttercup Field

St Wilfrid's Church1898, Davenham
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This field was behind our house and is accessed from a path that runs along the churchyard wall. From the age of about 7, I spent many a happy hour with my dog Shep - just wandering around the field looking at the Buttercups, spying rabbit holes and trying to keep the dog out of dried cow pats.

The path continued onto the bypass - and it is this route that my errant dog Shep would take, in order to visit Leftwich Estate. Every so often he would escape from the garden and set off on his mission to visit his friends! Such was his urgency, he let nothing or no-one get in his way. How he managed to cross the bypass without mishap is beyond me - but during his lifetime, he made several visits! Usually my dad (Eric Jenkins) was in hot pursuit and I can hear him now woefully shouting, "Shep, Shep - confounded dog!". I knew there was no point in trying to catch Shep... Read more

Bert Price''s Shop

The Village 1965, Davenham
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Bert Price's Shop was at the top of our street - Church Street. Bert Prices' shop sold anything and everything. From household buckets and dusters to DIY tools, firewood, fire lighters and paraffin for the heater in our bathroom. It was run - if memory serves me right - by Mr Price and two sons. It was the shop of choice that my dad took me to when I repeatedly mithered him for a penknife -that would be when I was about 8 or 9 years old (1960ish). Being a girl, this could be said to be a strange request. But I was more of a tomboy than a 'girlie' girl - and  David, who lived next door to me, was a Boy Scout and he had a knife. So anything that was good enough for David was good enough for me!

It was a different world back in the early 1960s. Knives were used by children for whittling pieces of wood, cutting bits of string and sawing twigs... Read more

A Quiet Haven of Peace.

I lived next door to Davenham Church, and one summer's day, when I was about 7, I went for a walk around the churchyard. Hearing a rustling noise on the ground, I crouched down, parted some long grass, and found a baby hedgehog. Now my sister and I had had a tortoise, and he had died during the winter, so I thought the hedgehog would make a great pet.

Running back home, I found a wooden box and my dad's gardening gloves and scurried off back to the churchyard. To my dismay the hedgehog had gone, but some careful detective work soon located him. Donning the overlarge gloves, I carefully picked the hedgehog up, placed him in the box and triumphantly returned to the house. It wasn't long before mum came and found me and explained that hedgehogs couldn't be kept as pets. My disappointment was great - but mum said, "His mother will be looking for him." With that, I returned the hedgehog to the churchyard and watched... Read more

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