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St Hilda's Church c1965, Hartlepool
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I remember as a kid living in Hartlepool and always visiting there. My mum is from Hartlepool, daughter of Edith Harrison who passed away in 1986. I always remember St Hilda's as a child and my grandma's place in St Hildas walk, we used to go up every year to visit and stay on a caravan park in Seaton Carew and as an adult I brought my children here. I remember playing on the beach and were we used to live overlooking a football pitch. I haven't been there in a long while so would like to find out more about my family history especialy from my granfather's family which was Herbert Harrison and my grandmothers name was Edith Harrison, nee Edmundson so if any one can help I'd love to hear from them .

Written by Diane Waller. To send Diane Waller a private message, click here.

A memory of Hartlepool in Cleveland shared on Wednesday, 21st March 2012.

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RE: Family

Hi, just a piece of infill if the Edith Harrison ? was the Mrs Harrison that came to take tea in Mrs. Florrie Smythe's house in Sherrif Street, way back in the late 60's? If so I was courting Helene, Florrie's grandaughter, and the times were remembered very fondly of Mrs Harrison coming in for tea, removing her coat, but always the hat stayed on no matter what! Percy was the lodger at the time, a grand old gentlemen of mechanical qualifiations when he worked in London. I also worked on the Power Station at Seaton Carew. Maybe this is a lost review, but if not, it could give a small insight to some one who remembers Mrs. Harrison well. She even wrote to the Beatles to request if she could use the name for Hartlepools Lonely Hearts Club Band, is this the same lady? Hope it sheds some light for someone . Regards Ken Bainbridge

Comment from Ken Bainbridge on Friday, 29th March 2013.

RE: Family

Hi, Herbert Harrison is my relative too Diane, I would love to hear from you. My family also lived in Sheriff Street too Ken, but had left before the 60's. It's lovely to read about both of your memories.

Comment from A F on Friday, 31st January 2014.


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