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The Technical College c1965, Hatfield

The Technical College c1965, Hatfield

The Technical College c1965, Hatfield Ref: H254073

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World War II And Beyond

De Havillands Factory 1951, Hatfield
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My father studied at De Havilland Technical School before the war and was employed from 1938 to 1946 and 1953 to 1955 as an Inpector at De Hav's. We lived in Rodney Court, one of 'the flats' across the road from the De Havillands' main administration building shown in your 1951 pic. Thankfully, following the dismantling and destruction of this historic place, this building the Hatfield Police Station. We also lived at 13 Great North Road, in a 'grace and favour' cottage in 1953 but that, too, like so much of Hatfield has gone. At that time, I attended Countess Anne's School, up opposite St Ethlreda's and my sister attended St. Audrey's. We both have many wonderful memories of playing in and exploring Hatfield Park. We would shortcut though St Ethelreda's churchyard and climb over the turnstile in to the park. High adventure! We often found rabbit snares and disabled them! It was a wonderful time and place to be children. Actually, my parents met while working at... Read more

Wonderful Years

My partner and I lived in Church Cottage, Old Hatfield for several years commencing 2009. The building was once several separate habitations, perhaps as many as three - but is presently all one dwelling with 4 bedrooms. Living there was a wonderful experience as there is a real village community spirit and most people are open and friendly. There was nothing we did not love about the experience including being able to go into Hatfield Park whenever we liked through the Fore Street gate which was just a minute's walk away from our front door. Some might say that it is a little odd to be living in a churchyard but it was actually a really heart-warming and beautiful place to be. I spent most of my childhood living in Hatfield but somehow never quite noticed the cottage until the day we went up to meet Lord Salisbury's property manager to view it and were delighted by the idea of renting the place. It was not the most practical of... Read more

Growing up in Hatfield

I was born in Barnet, but we lived on Hatfield Garden Village estate from 1949. My mother still lived there until July last year where she died peacefully in her chair. Over the sixty years I have seen many changes, most of them disappointing. I remember Hatfield Common before they built the shopping precinct in the 1960s. The White Lion pub, Blue Seas fish and chip shop and Dollimore's the greengrocer's shop, Tingey's, Williams Brothers, Mandley and Sparrow. All these shops and pub now sadly gone. The town centre is a mere shadow of its former self. Shame. Brother Alan and I used to spend a lot of time in Hatfield Park, climbing over the old tank that used to be there or walking all the way down to Mill Green and back. We both went to Green Lanes School, which celebrated its 70th birthday last December. I was very glad that I attended. The old building still there but with many additions - a real success story. So... Read more

Old Hatfield

I was employed as an electrician, by a company known as J.Hodge and spent 18 months in Hatfield House re-wiring the East Wing. I knew Old Hatfield intimately as I lived in Hatfield for 20 years. When I went back there in 1995 I was very disappointed to see how this part of the town had been changed and, not for the better in my opinion. Many of the old roads had been altered beyond recognition. Is this progress or what?

Meadow Dell

We moved to Hatfield "new town' from the east end.  Went to Howe Dell School and lived on Meadow Dell, off Cavendish Way.  It was still a small country town then.  Happy Memories.  Sue

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