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Hemsby Illuminated Cottage Garden

The Donkeys c1955, Hemsby
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I have many happy memories of going on holiday to Hemsby in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I remember we used to stay on the sand dunes in a wooden chalet-type building with no running water and an outside toilet, how times have changed. The one I thing do remember is a cottage with illuminated ornaments in the garden, I think they were models of old barrel-top gipsy caravans, but I may be wrong. I think the cottage had a thatched roof. It was situated near the top of Beach Road if I am not mistaken. I also remember the thatched roofed pub which I think had a fire and gutted the roof, this would have been about 1970 or thereabouts. I am sure someone reading this will correct me if I am wrong. It was a long time ago so the memory sometimes plays tricks. What I do remember most is the miles of clean sand and the sand dunes. We didn't need loads of money to play... Read more

Holidays in Hemsby

The Donkeys c1955, Hemsby
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In 1950 my family started staying at Hemsby for a holiday each year. Would you believe that in those days you couldnt even buy a bag of chips. There was a small amusement arcade in Beach Road and a few machines at the tea rooms on the beach.

In fact the only take away food was from the cockle stall opposite the Lacons Arms.

In those early days the highlight of the week was to go to the local police house(PC Juby) and Mrs Juby would cook us chips. My parents knew the Juby family from when they were stationed in Attleborough.
We continued to go to Hemsby for many years.

After I left home my parents continued visiting for holidays right up until my Fathers
Death in 1988 and i would always try to join them there for a couple of days.
Somewhere I must have some pics of the family taken by the photographer as we walked down to the Lacons Arms for a... Read more

Hemsby in The 70s And 80s

We started holidaying in Hemsby in the late 1970s. My parents loved it as we'd always had caravan holidays previously but now we had a chalet!! They always stayed at Belle Aire site. Hemsby was pretty spartan in those days!! There was a golf area on the right of Beach road, just past Belle Aire, which was covered with rabbits in the evening!! The house next along there I believe was empty then but of course now it has been all renovated. The Lacon Arms had an arcade on the end of it, on the left (it's now a restaurant, I believe). It had penny machines in it then!! There was indeed a fresh whelk etc stall outside, I used to get a pot of shelled shrimps (my dad was always buying me those - I loved them! Still do!). There used to be a parade of shops where the laundrette is now. I remember one had books in it, but when it closed, it was taken by a lingerie... Read more

Granddads Donkeys

I was most surprised to see my late grandfather William Mannall and possibly my uncle Paul with granddads donkeys ,which he had for many years on the beach at Hemsby and also later at Newport (uncle Paul). I had many gratis rides to encourage others and used to help with the tack and grooming. All in all I had many happy days at Hemsby with my Grandfather, my uncle Paul and of course the donkeys.
I nearly For got to thank my cousin Denise Brown who lives in Australia for guiding me to this photo, I can't thank her enough.

Norfolk memories

Somerton Staithe

This photo stirs memories of West Somerton, my 1940's and 1950's childhood home. We kids trying to fish with bamboo stakes, string and worms, sitting beside serious fishermen on these banks. Then there was the time the river froze, we investigated and my sister went through the thin ice. We were wary of the river, since few of us could swim. In summer we bathed in Somerton Broad, just up the river on the opposite bank. There was a little gravel area to paddle in but if you went further out you were in weed... revolting and slimy. We envied those who had punts, rowing boats or anything floatable as we inspected the 'trippers' on their cruisers and yachts. Regards from Lisa Webber (née Leath).

Edward Shreeve, Coastguard

King Street c1955, Winterton-On-Sea
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Eddy Shreeve was my great-great uncle, he was a coastguard at Winterton during the 1950s. He then went on to be a coastguard at Yarmouth. He retired to Walton on Naze befor he died in 1985 aged 78.

Does anyone have any information or stories about Eddy? We would be very grateful if you would email some to us.   
Yours sincerely,

Erica Jordan

PS. Also my great-grandad Walter Shreeve was a swimming coach in Great Yarmouth and Norwich in the 1940s, he coached at the Gorleston pool and the Eagle, Swan and Samson swimming pools in Norwich. He also did weight lifting, boxing and wrestling. He coached many national champions in swimming.

Walter was born in 1905 he died in 1955 aged 50. If anybody has any information or stories about Walter please email me.

Yours sincerely,

Erica Jordan


Walter Shreeve

King Street c1955, Winterton-On-Sea
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Walter Shreeve (Tiny) was my great-grandad, he was a one-time weight lifter, wrestler and boxer and a swimming coach in Great Yarmouth and Norwich. As a swimming coach he had many national champions. He coached at the Gorleston Pool and also the Eagle, Swan and the Samson swimming pools in Norwich. He was born in 1905, and he died in 1955 aged 50.
If anyone has any information or stories about Walter please could you email me.
Yours sincerely,
Erica Jordan

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