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Herne Bay

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The Beauty of Herne Bay in A Hectic World

The Punch And Judy Show c1955, Herne Bay
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I lived in Herne Bay for my teen years. I remember the Pier burning down and the sea freezing over. The winds could be so strong my mother and I had to hold on to the lamposts for fear of blowing into the sea. Some summers though the sea was like a mill pond and there were small rafts that you could dive from. Beautiful memories.

The Pier

From The Pier 1897, Herne Bay
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I roller skated in the old pavilion - you could see the sea through the gaps in the floor boards!!
My brother bribed me to behave by the promise of an ice cream bought from the cafe at the end of the pier.

Send in The Clowns!!

The Punch And Judy Show c1955, Herne Bay
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I remember being taken to see a clown here. I think his name might have been Coco. It is lovely that there are still children's entertainments in exactly the same spot!  It's a roundabout and trampolines now though.

My Herne Bay Memories

I first got to know Herne Bay in the Second World War as my parents used to send me there from where we lived in Feltham to stay with my grandparents on my mum's side to give me a rest from the bombing. In later years both my parents moved there and Dad opened an electrical shop in the High Street where I lived over the shop with my partner and newly born son Kevin. I worked for my Dad during the day and at nights went out playing my music. I worked for a well known bandleader called Tommy Martin and played piano and did the odd song. We worked at many of the famous places all over Kent such as Dreamland in Margate, Folkestone, Canterbury, but above all we played on a Saturday at King George's Hall down on the Downs where every week they had a famous band play such Ted Heath, Joe Loss, Johnny Dankworth and many others and we were the relief band when they... Read more

Pear Tree Farm

My dads family the "Boltons" lived on a farm called Pear Tree Farm. I thought from memory they owned it but now after research I think they just lived there as workers? I remember walking down a country lane not far from there and buying some wonderful flavoured ice creams such as "Tutty Frutie". I have alot of fond memories of Hernbay....

Kent memories

Memories of Good Times

Seaview Holiday Camp c1955, Swalecliffe
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Coming across this picture sparked memories of such happy times I had as as a child spending my summer holidays in a chalet at Seaview. It was not unusual to stay for four or more weeks in one of the chalets and spend practically every waking hour being on the beach or walking into either Whitstable or Herne Bay. I remember rummaging along the beach finding bits of pottery from the houses that fell into the sea where the cliffs had been eroded towards Herne Bay, and the time British Rail sent our luggage to Chesterfield in Derbyshire only to be located some fortnight later. Even the mud at low tide had its attraction and the huge shallow pools left behind were a delight for sailing model boats in.  I can remember my sister one day coming back to the chalet with a bowl of jelly she had found. It would seem that a lady had made this as a treat for her family, and had placed it under their... Read more

Hardboard Holiday Home.

Seaview Holiday Camp c1955, Swalecliffe
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You'll all go "Oh yes", when I jog your memory that Seaview was formerly named 'Kite Farm Camp'. It changed its name to Seaview around '61/62 when Arthur Fitt the garage owner on the other side of the station bought it from Old Mr Prout. I was born in 1955 and my mum and her step father (Oscar Kemp from Chatham) had a caravan each. They were both of treated hardboard and were wonderful to us kids. Unfortunately they didn't come up to standard as far as the new owner was concerned and if we didn't buy one of his posh new types we were off, as it so happened. My last birthday there was my 9th and it had a profound effect that we would no longer return after that summer of '63. No more Del Shannon on the juke box in in the Bingo /amusements hall. Cockle and muscle gathering on the beach. Fish 'n' Chips from across the road to the wooden decked station, coastal walks to... Read more

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