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High Etherley memories

Here are memories of High Etherley and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of High Etherley or a High Etherley photo.

Infants School

Born and bred in Red Houses (then Red House Estate) at a time when everyone took time and effort to keep their home and gardens beautiful.  Everyone knew everybody and it was a community that looked after each other.  I remember going down to the infants' school (just off from cricket field) having a birthday and being given a cardboard cake by the teacher to open and take out sweets.  Before Dale View was built that field had a lovely bank and at Easter we used to roll our paste eggs down the bank.  Going over quarry heads and picking all the rosehips and taking them to Mrs. Hart in South Road to cash in.

Memories of County Durham

Toft Hill

My nana and grandad lived at Toft Hill and although we were Forces children, the trip back home to Toft Hill was always brilliant. Sat in front of the open fire with my Nana's home-cut chips (my nana was called Jean Alderson and my grandad Norman Alderson). My Aunty Ann ran the sweet shop down the road and my Uncle Gary would be down the farm. My Uncle Graham still lives on Toft Hill. I miss those times so much. Fab memories.

The Family Of:Charlton Liddle And Jane Ann Pearson (nee Atkinson)

Hi, I am researching my Family History in and around Howden le Wear/Witton le Wear/Crook/Weardale and I have had contact from a member of my Great Grandmother's Brother's family who were living in the area of Witton Park in 1901 and 1911. On the 1901 Census, Charlton Liddle Pearson and his family were living at:35, Garden Street, Witton Park St.Paul, in the Parish of:Escomb. On the 1911 Census, the family were living at:2, Viaduct Cottages, Witton Park. Would anyone be able to 'pin-point' either of these places for me? I think I may have got quite close to Viaduct Cottages, but would like to know more. In 1901, Charlton was a 'Drain Pipe Maker' and in 1911 he was an 'unemployed Surface Worker'. One of his sons was named:Alonzo, which was quite unusual for the time.

His son, Elijah and his family ventured as far as Bedfordshire, which is just down the road from me, in Cambridge. ... Read more

Swanson Store

Bob and Sarah O'Neil owned a store at Swanson back in1927 to 19?, they died in the 1950s, apparently they lived there too. I think the old homestead is still there. Does anyone have old pics ofthe store, perhaps even pics of the shops back then? There weren't many.

My Aunt

I wasn't from West Auckland, my dad was. My Aunt Belle lived there, who still wore a long black dress in the 1940s and 1950s. She made and sold vinegar, she also kept hens at the back of the house, she had names for them too like Hetty and Dolly. She would give me a can to go over the road for milk. She would say "If you don't behave, I'll get Mary Cotten to you".

The Nursery

I was born in 4 The Nursery in 1944. My gran Elizabeth Bayles, my mother Emma Bayles. I went to Millbank School at age 4yrs. I can remember my first teacher there Miss Watkins. My Mother worked at Lockeys buses as a bus conductor. I remember Walter Wilsons shop. Reas my half cousins had an ice cream shop next to the WMC. The Nursery was Gaunless Terrace. It was changed due to the amount of children that lived there. There was a picture house which was called The Ranch and sometimes the Loprey Opera. At the back of the Fleece Pub on Front St some of the pit men had their pigeon crees forbidden area for noisy children. At the back of houses in the Nursery is the Beck (river gaunless) Over the beck via a small wooden bridge there were the allotments. Here us bairns would get a stick of rhubarb and armed with a small bag of sugar relish this treat. Further... Read more

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