Ongar, Marden Ash c.1955

Ongar, Marden Ash c.1955

Neg. O19056

Memories of Ongar Park Hall

Ongar High Street

My mother had a hairdressing shop on the high street and one corner of the shop had a few books that we used as a small library. I was in boarding school, but on vacations and weekends I'd help with loaning out the books. We lived in North Weald at the time and I'd catch the bus at Tylers Green to make the 15 ...Read full memory

The Lodge, Shelley Hall

Was this the lovely little building on the south east corner of the roundabout at the top of Ongar ("The Four Wantz"?) as you head out northwards? It was allowed to decay and eventually disappeared. It had unusual shaped windows and must have been very old, made out of wattle and daub. Now the area at the ...Read full memory

A memory of Ongar Park Hall

Our Old Pub

My family used to run this pub. First, a Jane Tanner in the 19th century and then my great grandfather, Charlie Green in the 1920s. He also ran The Kings Head in Ongar for many years, leaving  in the 1940s.

Small Church In Ongar

Hey there, can anyone help me please. My mum is trying to find a small church in Ongar which comes off the Ongar Road, it's on the right hand side and it has a gravel lane, the church is at the end of the gravel lane with a field on the left hand side.  I would be very grateful if anyone can help to offer me any information with regard to this. Many thanks. Sarah

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