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Higher Walton memories

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Higher Walton Park

I went to the park as a little girl as I lived at the public house the Walton Arms where I was born. I watched the dual carriageway being built, behind the pub. My grandfather worked at the Walton Hall with the horses and carriages, and another relation was a maid in the hall, I have got photos somewhere.

Memories of Cheshire

Mrs. Butterfield

The School c1955, Moore
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First thing that came into my head when I saw this - Mrs. Butterfield - the Headmistress. I went to this school from 1951 to 1956. Mrs. Butterfield put me in for the 11 plus exam a year early and I passed and moved on to Helsby Grammar School. Moore school was just one big room divided into infants and juniors by a partition. There was a big black stove to heat the place and we used to put our free bottles of milk on it in the winter to thaw it out. The toilets were outside and were just big buckets which had to be emptied. A big lorry would turn up to empty them and, always it seemed, at play time. So there we were playing while the men weaved in and out carrying the full toilets. Where was health and safety then ??? It is no longer a school of course, don't know what it is now, I must ask my brother who still lives there.

Who Are These People?

The Post Office c1952, Moore
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Who are the people in this photo? My mum and dad bought the Post Office from Mr and Mrs Evans but I can't work out yet which year that would be, sometime in the 1950s that I do know. Can't work out whether or not that's me with the dog and the other two, I think, might be Ann and Alan Ainsworth. Around the building, just underneath the black and white bit, there is some writing and I can't think for the life of me what it says. People used to organise car treasure hunts and one of the things they had to find was what this writing said. Sunday afternoons in the summer were a nightmare with cars constantly stopping to read it. My brother still lives in the old Post Office, I will ask him what the writing says and get back to you.
Later post:
I said I'd get back to you didn't I? The wording around the house is 'Every house is builded by some man... Read more

Jean And Fred

Greens Farm c1955, Moore
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Ah the memories this invokes in me! We used to come here every week for hay and straw for our goats. Jean and Fred lived here with their two sons. They were really lovely people. One day we went as usual and Fred told me there was a compulsory purchase order on the farm and all the land surrounding it. I remember being absolutely devastated that all that wonderfull farmland was going to disappear to make way for thousands of awful houses and warehouses. Yes, I know it's progress, but it changed a beautiful landscape and robbed wonderfull people of their land and farm.

Cubs And Scouts.

The School c1955, Moore
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I spent many an evening waiting outside this building .
I came to live in Moore in 1970 and by that time the new school on Runcorn Rd had opened. The old school in the photo was bought by Moore Scouts.
My son Toby went to both Cubs and Scouts here .
I walked out of here very proudly one evening after my son had recieved his Chief Scouts award!! Happy Days.

My Grandmothers Time in Moore.

The Post Office 1952, Moore
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I recently discovered during the 1911 census; my grandmother, Elizabeth Lennon Wear, was living & working at the Post Office in Moore. She was twenty three & was a postal telegraph clerk. Elizabeth had travelled from Liverpool to take up this position but by 1914 she had returned to Liverpool & had married. I could not help but think what a lovely area for her to have lived in, even for such a short time, after being born & brought up in a very suburban area.

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