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Hill Wootton memories

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Memories of Warwickshire

11 Years of Age And Gazing

Abbey Fields Swimming Pool c1965, Kenilworth
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I never swam here but I remember going there with my family and walking around the Abbey Fields and coming across the Swimming Pool. It was a hot summers day and we spent the afternoon sunbathing and me well...sunbathing and gazing of which I loved to do.

Swimming All Summer

Abbey Fields Swimming Pool c1965, Kenilworth
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I remember this so well. We went nearly every day in the school holidays. I can even remember the fence which was quite new and smelt of creosote! I think that could be me on the far left of this photograph. I was very excited to see this picture!

Grandma's House!

Castle Hill c1960, Kenilworth
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Was amazed to find this photograph! My grandmother's house was the white-walled thatched building in the middle distance. It's called Robsart Cottage, a 15th Century cottage built to house the building foreman supervising additions to nearby Kenilworth Castle. The cottage is named after Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester's wife Amy Robsart who died in mysterious circumstances at nearby Cumnor Hall. Grandma's house in Coventry was destroyed by a German bomb during 1941 and she was rehoused in Robsart Cottage and lived there until her death in 1970. When I was about 2, I remember visiting her in 1960 and visiting the sweet shop (Cafe). opposite.

Memories of Kenilworth!!

Abbey Fields Swimming Pool c1965, Kenilworth
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I live in South Africa now but have memories of learning to swim in this pool in the 60's. Theres a lovely house in the Abbey Fields which my South African husband says we are going to retire to!! My Dad, John Walker, living in New Zealand now, played in Abbey Fields as a child. Kenilworth is one of my favourite places in the World!!

Halcyon Days of Summer

Abbey Fields Swimming Pool c1965, Kenilworth
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Oh how I loved this pool in the late 60's early 70's despite the freezing cold water and the foot bath from the changing rooms. It was the place to be. We walked from home at Malthouse Lane through the Abbey fields down to the pool. Long hot summers spent sun bathing on the roof with friends from school, no parents just freedom and fun. I remember the kiosk which we queued at for ice creams, drinks and crisps and the fountain feature on the far side which in the early days gushed but latterly didn't. It was always crowded on a weekend and you had to get there early to get the right spot. The roof (over the changing rooms) was always hot and the place to be, like I say I loved it!

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