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The Parade c1960, Hillingdon

The Parade c1960, Hillingdon

The Parade c1960, Hillingdon Ref: H431027

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The Arcade

Does anyone remember the arcade just past the Savoy cinema after Vine Street. It had a cafe in the centre, a model shop, pet shop, wool shop and music shop. Just opposite was the old National Provincial Bank; renamed when the Westminster Bank took it over. My favourite shop was down by the Regal, it was called Percy's, it was a model and sweet shop. I bought all my model train stuff there. I must have made every Airfix kit going. I loved Uxbridge and met so many nice people at the dance halls including my first wife.

Ickenham in The 1940's

I was baptised in St Giles's Church in March 1943, having been born in Hoylake Crescent. My paternal grandparents also lived in Hoylake Crescent. I went to Breakspeare Primary School from 1948 to 1952 when the family moved to Cornwall. My parents were married in St. Martin's Church in Ruislip as my maternal grandparents lived in Ruislip. Our bungalow backed onto the River Pinn and in winter if often flooded into our back garden but in summer we paddled in it looking for "tiddlers". Lots of open spaces and we could safely go and play without our parents. Happy days.

An American Airman

I was an American Airman stationed in Uxbridge and lived at 169 Swakeleys Road. This was a large house owned by Lillian Conway,(Steve Conways widow) who rented rooms to eight of us Airmen. I have many pleasant memories of my stay there. We enjoyed Mrs. Conways care for us, and she was an excellent cook.
We paid thirty pounds a month for two meals a day and our room.
I loved the many British people we met, and it was sad leaving them when time came to return home.

The Old Garden , Off Long Lane, Hillingdon

Does anyone have any photos of the old garden (the old walled garden) off Long Lane at Hillindon? It was opposite the convent. I used to live there as a child prior to the building of the new houses built, I believe, in about 1970. I have wonderful fond memories of it as a child, I would love to see some photos! Please help jog my mind if you can.

Rescue of 5 Small Children From A Bombed Flat.

I have traced a newspaper report telling of the rescue of myself and my four siblings when houses in Ryefield Avenue, Hillingdon were bombed in 1943. The report tells of one of the rescuers being a Mr. Reginald White who owned the general store and post office in Ryefield Avenue. I wonder if any of Mr. White's descendants are still living in the area - if so it would be great to be able to get in touch with them and thank them for what he did all those years ago.
Mention is also made of a Mrs Hilda Whelan who worked in the butcher's shop under the flat and a Dr. Margaret Paul who saw to our needs.
I was the second youngest of the five children, being only two years of age. None of my siblings who would be able to remember the rescue are still living, but I am wondering if anyone can shed any light on this tragic incident. ... Read more

George Charles Copley

Hello Hillingdon! My Grandfather lived in Hillingdon, in the 1967-8 years in Tudor Road, Hayes End area. I was wondering if anyone out there would have known him? His name was George Charles Copley, and was working in the printing trade, at Watford in his time, but has passed on now. I would dearly like to hear from you if you remember him, or knew him as I know nothing about him. Please get in touch with me, Thank You. Joy Taylor. (nee Copley)

Hillingdon in The 1940's And 1950's

My family lived in Hillingdon from the beginning of ww2 until 1953 when we moved from Biggin Hill. Our first home was a top floor flat in Pinewood Ave which was not ideal for a family with 4 children and then Grandmother descended on us with her 2nd husband. Amazing to think of todays children being prepared to share a bedroom with 3 others, however when child no. 5 came along we moved to Evelyn Villas just round the corner in February 1947 a really cold winter. I went with my siblings to Providence Road school, then St. Matthews in Yiewsley and finally onto Evelyns secondary modern school, We had a large area of grass at the back and shelters built underground(partially at least) our journey to school was over the school grounds and through the orchards, scrumping as were went. The most memorable things are going to Sabey's Pits (it was out of bounds of cours) but we went anyway until one time the siren went and we tried... Read more

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