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Memories of Devon

Lucan Villa With The Ellicot Family

During the Second World War the Buckle family lived in Embankment Road with Aunt Laura Ellicot when the bombing got too dangerous for us to stay in the city of Plymouth. So we went with Aunt Laura and her grandchildren and 2 of her daughters to Lucan Villa. We lived in the lovely house, that had an amazing staircase at the front, and a concrete staircase at the back from the pantry. My sister Mary, brother Peter and I slept in a lovely double bed together, and absolutely adored living there. It was Paradise for us children. It had a large orchard full of every type of fruit, and if we were hungry we just picked fruit. We were free to wander the lanes and fields around Luson, with the older children, Mary, Jennifer and Katherine. I was only 3 and Peter 4 when moved there. All the children went to the school in the village of Hobleton, and I was quite lonely during the day. When they came home... Read more

Luson Recalled

Laura Ellicott was my grandmother and I was one of the grandchildren mention by Anne Sandells (nee Buckle). I remember my mother talking about Peter and Anne Buckle but was too young to remember them myself. I was born in 1940 and lived with my mother, Mabel (Sis) who was the 2nd daughter of Laura at Luson from time to time until I was 5. My brother and cousins, Isobel and Diana, also lived there. Some of the things mention by Anne bring back vague memories. I have no recollection of Mary but Jennifer is my aunt and it was her who brought this to my attention. I vividly remember hiding in a front bedroom as a pig was slaughtered in the yard below. The butcher may well have been my father, Arthur, who was a butcher all his working life. I also vaguely recall the dog fights over head and running through fields in the hope of finding a downed plane... we never did. My first school was in... Read more

Flete Maternity Home

I was born in Flete House and adopted very soon after. I have a sort of memory of a large wood panelled room filled with cots, there are windows along one side with the sun streaming through. I wonder if that was the nursery at Flete. I would love to know the story of my birth but I am losing hope that I shall ever know more than my mother's name.

Flete Maternity Home

My Mum and Dad often use to tell me the story of my birth. When my Mum went into labour she was taken to Freedom Fields Hospital, later that day (my Dad walked to the nearest phone box) phoned Freedom Fields Hospital to enquire as to how my mum was, only to be told that she wasn't there and that there had been no record of her being there, my dad could'nt believe what he was being told as he actually took my mum to the hospital by taxi! Unbeknown to him and the hospital nursing staff my mum had been transferred to Flete maternity during the night and the night staff at the hospital had not recorded the transfer! My dad thought he was going insane! Everything got sorted out in the end! ... Read more


The memories that Mary Impey has voiced bear a resemblance to my own. I have always had a memory from very young of being in some sort of establishment with the panelled walls Mary mentioned and rows of babies' cots and even the sun streaming through the windows. Quite uncanny really and that keeps coming back to me periodically. My early days are a bit of mystery to me as I try to establish the exact date of my birth. Father now deceased and my mother is suffering with dementia. I would love to find out whether I was born on 30th or 31st March as there have been conflicting versions of the circumstances of my birth from both of them. Is there a register of births at Flete House?

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