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Holdenhurst Village

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Memories of Holdenhurst Village

Holdenhurst Village memories
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Holdenhurst Village School

Memories -mrs roberts miss cook and her chow dog during the early war years
they were second mothers to us all,village people were kind and helpfull ,mr
pond the water bailiff gave me all the fishing tackle i needed and let me fish
free of charge but also came with me to make sure no harm came to me,also
most of my mates as well ,i am still in connection with holdenhurst villagers
thank you all for my lifes memories to many to mention
ron pye of great dean cottages

Mr And Mrs Bob Olley

In 1956 I was an apprenticed grocer with a very poor wage.  My passion was fishing and if I went to see the river bailiff, a Bob Olley, after work to pay for a license, he would often say 'Go and do your fishing and don't worry about the license'.  Bob felt that to make me pay for a half day ticket just for 3 or 4 hours wasn't worth it.  When I caught a 23-pound Pike one Sunday morning, Bob was on hand to not only witness the catch, but we walked back to his house where he weighed it for me.  Bob and his wife were the essence of lovely people and in Holdenhurst village itself - it was no exception to the rule to find many residents there of a similar nature.  Lovely memories for me, not only the fishing, but the village, the people and the walk up Woodbury Avenue.  I now live in Australia and have done so since March 1970, but the aformentioned memories... Read more

Dorset memories

Boarding School 75-81

Hurn Court c1945, Hurn
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I was at Hurn Court (School) from 1975 - 1981.
I had many wonderfull years there, it was a great place to grow up, with all the acres of lawns and woodland around the place.
It has now been turned into very expensive appartments.


Hurn Court c1945, Hurn
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Hi, my name is Mark Adams, I also went to Hurn School with Ben, Paul Sheil, Paul Belviour and Richard Beerdragger. I went up to the school also and was disapointment to find that it had been turned into appartments. This is where I had the best of my school years. Do you remember the headmaster's name, Mr Morris and some of the teachers' names like Mr Watson, Mr Hurley and Mr Fraizer the maths teacher. Plase reply.

Memories of School

Hurn Court c1945, Hurn
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I went to Hurn Court School from 1977 to 1982. I have fond memories of wandering the beautiful grounds to get away from the madding crowds.

A Time Not Forgotten

Hurn Court c1945, Hurn
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Hi, my name is Richard Bierdrager. I went to Hurn Court School from 1975 to 1980, after which I returned back to my home country of Thailand and finished my secondary education with a high school diploma. The friends I had there were: Mark Adams, Paul Belvoir, Paul Shields, Robert Slavery, Paul Ankersmit, John and David Furby, Graham Redpath-Stevens, Micheal Gavey, Timothy Sales, Jeffery Holland, Ben, Richard Clark, Andrew Parker, Paul Harvey, Jorden, and many more but my memory is a little short at this moment and forgive me if I spelt your names wrong. The memories I have are of the size and age of the building, the mysteries surrounding it with the so-called secret tunnels and stuff. Playing soccer behind the main building, watching the pigs and rabbits, and all the hiding for a cigarette. I did not have the opportunity to visit Hurn Court since I left mainly due to the fact that I live in Asia and my travels were very limited. Our headmaster was Mr... Read more

Hurn Court Red Dragon

Hurn Court c1945, Hurn
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Gerald (Body) Boyd. 1961-1965.

Great school. Mr Morris Headmaster. Mr Bispham (B). Science Master. I owned a 1932 Austin 7 which I restored in the metalwork shop. Bought from local farmer for two Pounds!! Sold for eight pounds, restored, when I left.

My family moved to Australia in 66 and I now live in USA since 87.


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