Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

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Memories of Hornchurch

This Is The House That Jack Built

With three Christian names, William Henry John, you'd wonder why my dad chose to be called Jack. A surveyor for the county, he died in 1943; but not before building Mum and myself a bungalow at 53 Herbert ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch by wilpeter685

St. Andrews Church.

I used to go to Sunday school here, every Sunday afternoon. I was an angel in a Nativity play, and have a lovely black and white print of the play with numerous friends in, to name a few:- ....... Linda Hutley, Shirley ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch by Paula Kent

My Life In Elm Park, Hornchurch

I could go on and on with memories. Myself and my parents moved from London to Arbour Way, Elm Park on 24th August 1953. I went to Ayloff School from 1954-1960, when I left to go to Suttons Secondary. We ...Read full memory

I Now Live Here

I now live in Hornchurch, since 2003, and the High Street looks nothing like this (apart from the pub, the Bull, still the same but is now the Fatlin & Furkin)  picture in 1955.

A memory of Hornchurch by Eddie Tait

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