Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

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Memories of Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

Billet Lane

I can confirm Pittle Lane does not exist in Hornchurch, this is in fact Billet Lane out side what is now the Doctors and Dentist surgeries 58, 58A & 58B Billet Lane. Both the properties on the right hand side still occupy the land. Although 60 Billet Lane sold its orchard off to build 58A Billet Lane in 1953. 58 Billet Lane, the doctors, sold its orchard off to make way for the new doctors surgery 58B Billet Lane in the early 1970's. The oak tree in the background was made into window and door furniture for 58A Billet Lane. Great picture.

Memories of Hornchurch

Happy Hornchurch Memories

My name is Eamonn J Miller. Born 06 05 1954 at 11 Plumpton Ave. Hornchurch, attended Hacton Primary School (unwillingly I must say) Mum & Dad moved to Yorkshire taking me with them unfortunately. they bought a Fish&Chip shop and after six months were worried about my weight, My happy memories include Fella ...Read full memory

Wright's Car Hire

My grandad, Victor Wright, ran Wright's Car Hire in Ardleigh Green next to Carter's Bakery nearly opposite the school. He had 2 Humber limousines, a Studebaker and an Austin 18 for chauffeur driven hire. He and the other drivers, which sometimes included my dad Ron Wright, would wear a navy blue suit and cap when they ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch by tony.wright

Cafe On The A127 Southend Arterial Rd

In the 50s there was a cafe on the left on the Southend Arterial Rd maybe a bit less than a mile further on from the Squirrels Heath Rd and Ardleigh Green Rd traffic lights, going towards Southend. Does anyone know the name of this cafe where the ton up boys used to stop in the 50s? It was a big building with a big car park out front.There was always music on the juke box.

A memory of Hornchurch by tony.wright

St. Andrews Church.

I used to go to Sunday school here, every Sunday afternoon. I was an angel in a Nativity play, and have a lovely black and white print of the play with numerous friends in, to name a few:- ....... Linda Hutley, Shirley Green, Faith Evans, Jennifer Rounce, Christine Pinner and Julian Krautman and Christopher Newbury. Mrs ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch by Paula Kent
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