Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

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Memories of Hornchurch

8th Hornchurch Scouts

I will always have fond memories of the Dell as our scout hut was located there. Also I lived a few minutes walk away at Ravenscourt Grove. I moved there in 1948. The Dell was a boy's dream place to play in.

A memory of Hornchurch by David Cook

St. Andrews Church.

I used to go to Sunday school here, every Sunday afternoon. I was an angel in a Nativity play, and have a lovely black and white print of the play with numerous friends in, to name a few:- ....... Linda Hutley, Shirley ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch by Paula Kent

A W Sibley Butchers

This butchers shop seen to the left was owned by my family and was next to Woolworths. We had other shops in Chadwell Heath, Ilford etc. as well as Frank's Farm in Upminster. Behind the shop was a slaughter house and a ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch by Nick Sibley

Milk Delivery

I lived in Minster Way from 1947-58 in one of the bungalows in this photo - but there were trees along the front of the house by this time. I remember milk being delivered by horse and cart - the milkman would go quickly up ...Read full memory

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