Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

Hornchurch, Tricycle 1909

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Memories of Hornchurch

St. Andrews Church.

I used to go to Sunday school here, every Sunday afternoon. I was an angel in a Nativity play, and have a lovely black and white print of the play with numerous friends in, to name a few:- ....... Linda Hutley, Shirley ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch by Paula Kent

8th Hornchurch Scouts

I will always have fond memories of the Dell as our scout hut was located there. Also I lived a few minutes walk away at Ravenscourt Grove. I moved there in 1948. The Dell was a boy's dream place to play in.

A memory of Hornchurch by David Cook

Herbert Road.

I went past 53 herbert road today it is now a house. I stoppped for a while good times remembered I also went to number 26 where my grandparents lived , now an empty house.

A memory of Hornchurch by brewer.c


I have this photo. Some 25 yrs ago I was in an antique shop with my late father when he saw this photo and told me the man was my grandfather, who I never met, and the horses belonged to him. They were used in the families green grocers ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornchurch
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