Horningsham, Old Cottages c.1955

Memories of Horningsham

Old Cottages

July 19th 2012 Vancouver Canada Oh ! My god what a shock I was evacuated to Horningsham in 1941 to live with my mother's aunt Jessie and her husband Billy. He had been gassed in WW1 and worked on the Longleat Estate as ...Read full memory

A memory of Horningsham by John May

Hues Family

My Hues family lived, worked and died in Horningsham. My great great grandfather Robert Hues died in the far end cottage in the early 1800's.

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This row of three cottages is in Church Street. They are set slightly below road level, and are reached by steps down. The thatch remains in excellent condition, and so do the porches. The picket fence has been extended to replace the hedging. Horningsham is a beautiful village, still retaining an almost feudal air.

This is an excerpt from Frome Photographic Memories, by Hilary Green

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