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Horsley Woodhouse

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Derbyshire memories

Holbrook Maternity Hospital

Today in 2010, I am researching information for my daughter who will be 50 on October 2nd 2010. She was born in Holbrook Maternity Hospital. At the time of her birth my wife and I lived in Peet Street, off Uttoxeter Road in Derby. Since my daughter (Susan) was our first born, NHS determined that she be delivered "in a hospital." I do not know to this day how Holbrook was the hospital of choice, but then again bureaucracy has its own way of doing things. On October 1 we had to contact Derby Ambulance Service for transportation to Holbrook. Since I had no independent transportation I had to leave my wife in Hiolbrook so I could get a ride back to Derby with the ambulance crew. I knew Trent Motor had a bus route to Holbrook but I also knew it was infrequent. At the time I worked for Rolls-Royce and I was friendly with a Mr. Tony Slater who lived in Duffield Bank House. He... Read more

Foggy Night

My first daughter was born in Holbrook Jan 1958. The doctor I was registered with was in Somercotes, Derbyshire, but I lived in Westwood, Nottinghamshire. Problem at 11 oclock at night, I went into labour and called for the ambulance. The Derbyshire service could not pick me up as I was living in Notts.11 30 on a cold thick foggy night I was picked up by a Notts ambulance to be taken to Holbrook. Problem was, the driver had not been there before and was totally lost and I wonder if any residents remember being woken up to give directions to the hospital? I did get there eventually. Also to any ladies who were in the hospital, our theme song was 'April Love'. Sylvia

Return of The Native

I am now 63 but it wasn't till a couple of years ago that looking at my BC I actually took in that I was born at the Holbrook Maternity Home June 30th 1947. I'd always put down Belper as my place of birth as I'd only glanced at the BC which showed Belper Road as the address of the Maternity Home, which throughout my adult life had been good enough for me...until now that is. So last year I made up my mind that I was going to go to this Holbrook, the place which I had never heard of nor as said had it previously registered with me but where in fact I was born. I currently live in Kent so it was not going to be a 30-min drive away but curiosity meant that a diversion was called for on my next trip north. Holbrook is one of those places which are a cross between a small town and a large village, a Villown or a... Read more

Living in Holbrook

I was born in Holbrook in 1942 and lived there until 1973 when I married and moved to Loughborough. I continued to vist my parents and family in Holbrook weekly. Last year I moved to Oregon USA, to be near my son and his wife, but I took loads of photographs of Holbrook which I have on my PC. It was a wonderful childhood growing up in Holbrook. Playing in the surrounding countryside, visiting the local farms and riding our bikes wherever we wished to go. As a teenager I used to ride to Belper on my bike to visit grandparents. We children were always very safe in Holbrook - everyone knew us and we knew them. It was like a big family and everyone looked out for us.
I do miss Holbrook very much and look at my pictures often.

My Wonderful Birth Place

John Plunkett, born 1950, raised in Stanley Common, educated at Smalley Common junior school, and Scargill. Worked as an appretice electrician at Rolls Royce in Derby where I qualified and studied at Wilmorton Colledge in Derby. My mother and father are buiried on the church grounds of Stanley Common, corner Belper Road & Hoggs Lane. Lived at 2 Tansley Avenue, 26 Spencer Street and now in Benoni iin South Africa where I have resided for the last 40 years. My most valued childhood memories are without doubt the honesty, integrity, and never say die attitude of the village people in Stanley Common. During my childhood most people made the most of what little they had, however the community pulled together when times really got tough. Coming from Stanley Common in that particular time laid foundation blocks within your character in which you could build on no matter what you decided to do. I am extremely proud of my village and look forward to my next visit.

My Time in Little Eaton

I was born in Derby but lived in Little Eaton from 1959 to 1974 when we moved to Morley. My mother is Mrs Ruth Howe, nee Humphries, my father was Mr Ronald Humphries, now sadly passed away in 1965 and he is buried in the churchyard. We lived at 5 Barley Close. My father was manager of the local football team in 1961. If anyone can remember me, or has any photos of the football team from then, please contact me by email at: or telephone me on 01246 231600. Thank you.


Herbert Strutt School c1955, Belper
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The Whiskin family lived in Belper until 1903.  (William Whiskin-Jane Sharp)

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