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Bassetts Farm

I am an American, but back in the autumn of 1971 - during my 18 months of travel around Europe and North Africa - I spent three months working and living at Bassetts Farm, owned by the Pemble family. Thirty-eight years later it remains one of my most wonderful memories. Horsmonden was such a lovely place. At Bassetts Farm I was in charge of the oast house. I had never even heard of an oast house until I arrived there. I had found the job through friends at the New Zealand embassy in London, where they had a list of available jobs. The Pembles also owned another farm several miles away where the crops were apples and pears. When hop season was over, I would drive a tractor each morning from one farm to the other, and at the end of the day I drove it back to Horsmonden. What a beautiful drive that was, through rolling fields of green as the sun was setting. On weekends, we would go to the pub in Horsmonden, drink beer and watch 'The Game of The Week' on TV. Georgie Best was the big star back then, Mancester United the big team. The village of Horsmonden was like a picture postcard, with its village green. I was there for the gypsy horse auction, and that was a bit of an education too. The Pembles were a lovely family and I often wonder what has happened to the Pemble kids. Like me, they are kids no longer. I have never returned to Horsmonden, though I think of it often, and I know that one day I will return.

Written by Joel Sanoff. To send Joel Sanoff a private message, click here.

A memory of Horsmonden in Kent shared on Monday, 7th December 2009.

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RE: Bassetts Farm

Bassets Farm is no longer farmed but is still there, the Pembles still farm the apples and pears in Paddock Wood but not on a very big scale, that farmer is probably one of the Pemble kids as he is in his 60s now.

Comment from John Steward on Sunday, 28th March 2010.

RE: Bassetts Farm

I have been looking for Bassetts Farm, for some time now. My great-great-granddad, in the 1871 census, had this as the address at that time. Thank you Joel Sanoff for sharing your holiday memories. Your holiday was 100 years after he and the family lived there. Also John Stewardon I thank you for your comment, as to the fact that the Bassetts Farm is no longer farmed. My search has taken me down Churn Lane, but now I will start looking in Paddock Wood area. I just wish I could find a drawing or photo of Bassett Farm. Oh G G Granddad was an agricultural labourer.

Comment from Jenny Allaway on Thursday, 10th November 2011.

RE: Bassetts Farm

I am now living at Bassetts Farm, Maidstone Road Horsmonden. We bought 7.5 acres + the farmhouse in November 2012. I have 2 horses and my husband and I are doing our absolute best with the land and the farmhouse. For possibly the first time ever (?)I introduced sheep to Bassetts at Easter 2013. The winter 2013/ 2014 has been dreadful and very testing. Christmas Eve 2013 we woke to Bassetts surrounded by water - like a moat. However, the summer here was fantastic. I would be grateful of any information of families / persons who have lived here in the past.
Pam Pemberton

Comment from Pam Pemberton on Friday, 14th February 2014.


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