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Nuns Bridge 1901, Huntingdon

Nuns Bridge 1901, Huntingdon

Nuns Bridge 1901, Huntingdon Ref: 46623

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Oxmoor Estate

High Street c1965, Huntingdon
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Hi, I lived on the Oxmoor estate, No.61 Thongsley. Ken and Ann, Vera and Joe Padian, Lilly and Paddy, if you are still living there and remember me I would love to hear from any of you. Please contact me If anyone knows these people and knows of their whereabouts I will be greatfull to hear from you. Best wishes, Beryl Clark also known as Babs.

My Hometown

High Street c1955, Huntingdon
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I worked in Huntingdon and this picture brings back so many fond memories, I left in 1958...

Loving Memories, Great People.

High Street c1965, Huntingdon
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I grew up in Huntingdon, I remember the old town back then, Okendens, almost across from the George Hotel, and Wyles the shoe shop. It was a nice town. I remember the jumble sales held in all the churches were exciting events, and the old cinema, I miss the old town a lot, I have good memories. I remember the Cromwell Cafe which was owned by Greeks and had great food, my school mates would meet there. I have lived in SC, USA for 17 years now and it certainly does not compare to the shops in the UK. I love the UK. I enjoyed all the excitement of going down town on a Saturday, having a pastry and tea in the little cafes. I remember school, Brookside, Mr Plews in his cape lol . The outside swimming pool was great in the summer, where Tesco is now was open fields, we picnicked there, also Woolworth where a lot of my school friends worked after school. My dad Peter worked... Read more

'Gills' The Butchers.

High Street c1965, Huntingdon
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There was a butcher's shop and the butcher was called Mr Gill. 'Gill's sausages were the very best!', so Nanna said.

About 1940

High Street c1965, Huntingdon
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Around about 1940 I was evacuated to Huntingdon, my age was about 5 or 6 years. I remember I stayed with a little old lady and I think she had one son who came home on leave while I was there. Her house was attached to a church or chapel and she was the caretaker at the time. To the right hand side of the building there was a garden. Across the road I feel sure there was a farm gate and just a few buildings, along from there was a shoe menders. The school I attended was a kind of hut-like building and I think all the children shared the same class. My memeries are still quite vivid of it and I am hoping that someone can help to tell me if any of this still exist or anything at all about what I have just written. I do hope that someone knows something, no matter how small. Thank you for reading this.

Osman's of Huntingdon

High Street c1965, Huntingdon
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A truly old-fashioned type of ironmonger and household ware store seen here on the immediate right of the picture. My mother, Mrs. Ruby Chandler would have been working here in 1965, as she did for many years both before and after '65. If you couldn't get it at Osman's you couldn't get it anywhere else, either. The shop premises were very old, and when it rained, there was panic up in the storage rooms above to place buckets to catch the leaks.
I remember, too Stiles, the Bakers, further up along the High Street. My grandfather and I walked into Huntingdon from Alconbury (the only way to get there) on my 9th birthday in 1941 to collect my birthday cake, supplied during rationing times.
Almost opposite Osman's was Cox the County Clothiers, who supplied my uniform for Huntingdon Grammar School a couple of years later.
Huntingdon once boasted two cinemas, The Grand, accessed through an archway beside Murkett's Garage, opposite the Market Place, and The Hippodrome further along the... Read more

A Great Coincidence

Rover Car in The High Street c1955, Huntingdon
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The man riding his cycle beside the car looked so familiar, and I firmly believe that it is Mr Timothy (Tim) Towler who was Art and Technical Drawing Master at Huntingdon Grammar School during the 1940s and very early `950s. Tim, as he was called by us irreverent pupils, lived in Godmanchester, and cycled from his home to the Grammar School (now demolished) on Brampton Road daily. He was much loved by all of us, and helped me personally on my career to become an engineering draughtsman both in England and later in Sweden. The coincidence is almost unbelievable, looking at this print in 2011 in Sweden, and seeing Tim from 1955.

Good Times

Hinchingbrooke House 1907, Huntingdon
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I loved Hinchingbrooke School growing up and the house just intrigued me. I remember my first year of sixth form in the house and my friends and I decided to look around the grounds where we came across the graves of Oliver Cromwell's dogs behind the Wendy House. This was an amazing find and the stories we were told about the history of the house was wonderful. I would very much like to see a paranormal team within the house to find out if part of the past is still there within the house as stories of ghosts sightings were heard of quite a lot when I was at school and I would love to learn more about its history and if any spirits still live within the walls and hallways of the great historic Hinchingbrooke house!

I Remember...

High Street c1965, Huntingdon
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I remember Huntingdon's High Street in 1965. I was only a little girl then, holding on to my grandmother's hand.  My grandparents were Kate and Reginald Wayman and they lived in Hartford Road opposite the River Ouse.  Nanna and I would often walk to the town centre and she'd buy me a 'Pixie' comic; there were some lovely shops, I remember 'Fishers' (I think), and 'Steadmans'. I loved Huntingdon where I had many happy times as a child when I went to stay with Nanna and Grandad Wayman. Nanna was from Godmanchester (a Woods) and she'd worked at 'the mill' making lingerie until she was 29 when she married. Once she made a pair of golfing socks to be presented to the future Edward VIII. Grandad came from Offord Cluny and he worked in Brampton for 'Mr Riddiford' as a managing director. They moved to Huntingdon around 1960 and lived at  number 128 Hartford Road.  Wish I could visit.... perhaps I might... I send love XX XX!

The Cromwell Museum

The Old Grammar School c1960, Huntingdon
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Better known today as The Cromwell Museum!!

Huntingdon Brookside School

I lived in Huntingdon until 1965 when I got married and left. I went to school in Waldren Road it was the C of E, it then changed its name to the VC school. From there I went to Brookside Secondary Modern. I seem to think that 1 of our classrooms was Cromwell's School, can anybody remember this? Mr Bartletts art and craft class was the other side of the car park facing Cromwell's school. To get there we had to either walk across the playing field or go up a pathway, I do not remember the name of the pathway but Huntingdon Bowls used to play on one side of the path. I'm now 70 and have some very fond memories of Huntingdon and would love to know if I'm not dreaming about Cromwell's school. Dave

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