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Lamb Family

My father, David Lamb, had a watchmaker / jewellers shop firstly at 13 Bogie Street and then from 1963 until 1984 at 30 Duke Street, Huntly. From the Royal Oak pub owned by the Yules, there was then Connie and Eric Stephens the newsagents, then Mr Law the fiahmonger, dads shop, then Norman Connel the chemist, then the Huntly Express. I remember Duke Street being renamed Dook street when there were so many pot holes the street comprised of lots of big puddles. I remember when there was a fire in the flat above Frasers drapers and dad, who had just bought the shop in Duke street, let them store alot of the wool in the empty shop. Our house stank of smoke for a long time after, which made a change from the fishy smell which had lingered. 30 Duke street had previously been a fishmongers.

Written by Dorothy Anderson. To send Dorothy Anderson a private message, click here.

A memory of Huntly in Aberdeenshire shared on Friday, 30th August 2013.

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