Ilkley, The Semon Convalescent Home 1900

Ilkley, The Semon Convalescent Home 1900

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Memories of Ilkley, the Semon Convalescent Home 1900


Its not really a memory, I need help. I'm researching my family tree but my mum, Maureen Elizabeth Yates born 2nd June 1942 was adopted. I know she was born in Ilkley to a Kathleen M Yates and was adopted by Sidney Smith and Mary Jane? Smith (known as Janey). As far as I know Kathleen died just after my mum was born and my mum's real father was a secret! But I do believe he came from Guisley?

A memory of Ilkley by Sheila Roberts

Semon Home

I too, was born at the Semon Home (although the family lived in Bradford), and the reason was, so far as I know, that the authorities wanted to keep St Luke's Hospital free for forces and other casualties. Until now, I thought the building still existed, but given the other comments here, I am going to check physically at the first opportunity.

A memory of Ilkley

Born At Semon Convalescent Home Oct 1944

My mother was evacuated from London to Ilkley when the first V. bombs dropped. She was expecting me and I was born on 22nd October 1944 in Semon Convalescent Home which was turned into an emergency maternity home. We had been evacuated to Yorkshire as we had a cousin who lived in Ilkley. My mother was from Northumberland but lived in London. I went back to find the place in about 1992 (cant remember date) and found it all boarded up. The caretaker kindly let me in to look around and I found the rooms where the babies were born and took a photo of it. It was apparently being sold for development and I don't know what has happened to the building now.

A memory of Ilkley by Irene Selway

I Was Born At Ilkley

I was also born at the Semon Convalescent Home in 1943, my mother was booked into St Lukes for my birth but was sent here instead, I often wondered what the home was like. I have visited Ilkley many times and never did find the home, now I know why.

Semon Emergency Maternity Hospital

I was born at the Semon Emergency Maternity Hospital in 1943 even though my parents lived in Bradford at the time. I have always assumed this was because of the threat of bombing during the war, though I have never been sure if this is correct. I viewed an map of Ilkley at the time recently and noted where the Hospital once stood, and have since been to see the location and wondered what it must have looked like in the surrounding area at that time. It would be interesting to know if any records still exist of the births at the Hospital.

A memory of Ilkley

Born There In 1943

I was born in The Semon Emergency Hospital August 1943 and often wondered what it looked like and why I was actually born there and not in Bradford which is where my birth mother lived at the time, unless she was visiting Ilkley and was taken there as an emergency. I was adopted soon after birth.  But have since met up with my half siblings. Both birth parent and adoptive parents are now deceased and so I never found out how I came to be born there.

A memory of Ilkley by Danice Berry

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