Ilkley, The Semon Convalescent Home 1900

Ilkley, The Semon Convalescent Home 1900

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Memories of Ilkley

Born There In 1943

I was born in The Semon Emergency Hospital August 1943 and often wondered what it looked like and why I was actually born there and not in Bradford which is where my birth mother lived at the time, unless she was visiting ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by Danice Berry

Semon Emergency Maternity Hospital

I was born at the Semon Emergency Maternity Hospital in 1943 even though my parents lived in Bradford at the time. I have always assumed this was because of the threat of bombing during the war, though I have ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley

I Was Born At Ilkley

I was also born at the Semon Convalescent Home in 1943, my mother was booked into St Lukes for my birth but was sent here instead, I often wondered what the home was like. I have visited Ilkley many times and never did find the home, now I know why.

Lund And Becker Houses In Ilkley

I believe this house was built by my great grandfather, Charles Lund, in 1876. He was married to Hannah Pullen. They had three daughters. The youngest, Alice was my grandmother. She married Clarence Becker. ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by Caroline Haun

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