Ilkley, The Semon Convalescent Home 1900

Memories of Ilkley


Its not really a memory, I need help. I'm researching my family tree but my mum, Maureen Elizabeth Yates born 2nd June 1942 was adopted. I know she was born in Ilkley to a Kathleen M Yates and was adopted by Sidney Smith and Mary ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by Sheila Roberts

Semen Maternity

like you my sister was born at Semen's, in May 1944 with our family living in Bradford at the time. I was born in 1942, but on Killinghall Road Bradford and like you we have often wondered why Mum went to Ilkley for the birth of her ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by Pauline Butroid

Information Wanted About Royal Hotel Ilkley

My grandfather's uncle - Harry Briggs - ran this hotel with his wife Isabella. They were there in the 1911 census. Does anyone have information about the demise of the hotel? Any information at all would be extremely helpful in my family history research.

A memory of Ilkley by Penny Whitney

Ilkley, Hollybrook Guest House.

I remember Hollybrook Guesthouse well from my childhood as I lived with my parents at Hill Top, Westwood Road, which at the time was a Children's home for boys from "broken homes". I spent many happy hours with ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by Janet Parker
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