Ilkley, The Semon Convalescent Home 1900

Memories of Ilkley

Information Wanted About Royal Hotel Ilkley

My grandfather's uncle - Harry Briggs - ran this hotel with his wife Isabella. They were there in the 1911 census. Does anyone have information about the demise of the hotel? Any information at all would be extremely helpful in my family history research.

A memory of Ilkley by Penny Whitney

Parish Ghyll Park

Could anyone help me with the exact location of this park? We have lived in Ilkley on Parish Ghyll Lane since the 1960's but we have no idea where Parish Ghyll Park is. Is it the Gardens for the Blind at the bottom of Parish Ghyll Road?

A memory of Ilkley by Amy Addison

Lund And Becker Houses In Ilkley

I believe this house was built by my great grandfather, Charles Lund, in 1876. He was married to Hannah Pullen. They had three daughters. The youngest, Alice was my grandmother. She married Clarence Becker. ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by Caroline Haun

Heber's Ghyll Off Grove Road, Ilkley

We used to live on Grove Road in the 1960s and 1970s and, being a tomboy, I would also go exploring with our two dogs. One of my favourite walks was up Heber's Ghyll - sometimes following the path up through ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by Judy Popley
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