Kettering, Grammar School, Windmill Avenue c.1960

Kettering, Grammar School, Windmill Avenue c.1960

Neg. K13074

Memories of Kettering

Pavilion, Wicksteed Park, Kettering

Worked here aged 15 - my first casual job and first real job of any sort - when the pavilion had a 'proper' restaurant, mostly clearing tables, laying cutlery and (on my first day when I had the temerity to ...Read full memory


Sorry to disappoint you, but this is S S Peter and Paul church and not All Saints

A memory of Kettering

Bakehouse Hill

The bakehouse was a regular visit for us on Saturday mornings - when we used to go to the morning picture shows - and we would call in to buy freshly baked crusty rolls to eat during the film, but were usually consumed long ...Read full memory

A Day At The Park!

Not sure exactly the last time we were at this park, but it was after 1960, that's the year my brother was born, and we came to Canada in 1964, so it was sometime or several times in between. I am pretty sure I still have ...Read full memory

A memory of Kettering by Helen Rayner
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The newly-opened Grammar School at the end of Windmill Avenue. A ceramic mural on the front by William Mitchell demonstrated the progressiveness of the architects. The school was to close, and the building then became the Art Department of the Tresham Institute.

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