Kettering, Grammar School, Windmill Avenue c.1960

Kettering, Grammar School, Windmill Avenue c.1960

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Memories of Kettering

Jock Bone's Used Car Sales

Opposite Morrissons below where Windsor Gardens is now situated in Lower St. was a car sales lot known as Jock Bone. I bought my second car from him, a Standard 10 after trading in my Ford Prefect. He sat in a caravan at the rear of the lot and would pounce upon you as soon as you drove or walked in. He was very ...Read full memory

A memory of Kettering by raw50

Driving Test Centre

At the junction of Station Rd. and Northampton Rd. was the much feared driving test centre. I took driving lessons during 1962/3 in the instructor's car an Austin A40 or A45. The usual matchstick was placed in the rear window to aid reversing. A simple idea but it certainly worked. Satisfying my instructor that I was ready ...Read full memory

A memory of Kettering by raw50

Pleasure Park Bandstand

The shown photo is how I remembered it circa 1955 when I was 10 years old. Very popular venue for Sunday brassbands and the occasional visiting magician/children's entertainers. When the bandstand was not in use during weekdays, folding chairs would often be stored within it. Prior to an event, council workers (possibly ...Read full memory

A memory of Kettering by raw50

Pavilion, Wicksteed Park, Kettering

Worked here aged 15 - my first casual job and first real job of any sort - when the pavilion had a 'proper' restaurant, mostly clearing tables, laying cutlery and (on my first day when I had the temerity to wear blue jeans, rather than black) serving orange juice from a jug to a party of ungrateful kids ...Read full memory

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The newly-opened Grammar School at the end of Windmill Avenue. A ceramic mural on the front by William Mitchell demonstrated the progressiveness of the architects. The school was to close, and the building then became the Art Department of the Tresham Institute.

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