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Dollis Hill Avenue

I was 6 years old and we lived close to Gladstone Park where we children would  play the year round. I remember the pond, the swimming pool and the tennis courts. Then there was the scary steep hill where we played hide and seek.

Our neighbours to one side were Andrew and David Robertson and an old couple on the other side who didn't like children very much and we were three, two sisters and a younger brother, so our tennis balls were never given back! Down the road lived Anita and Gillian Stone, Susan and Micheal Welles, David Goldsmith their cousin; across the road were Linda and her twin sister (the twinnies), much younger than me. Diana Grant lived further up and her father had a gold coloured Sunbeam car and in 1957 she had a little sister called Eloise if my memory serves me right.
We went to Miss MacIntosh's school called Blenheim House School near the North Circular Road (I think). I studied with Ruth Deeks, Nicholas Royalance, Judith Salon and Elizabeth Olsen and Harriet?. My class teacher was Miss Potter, Miss Foster taught us art and Betty was the cook.

My mum walked miles (?!) down to Cricklewood to shop and I remember her labouring down the road with all those heavy bags laden with groceries. She would sometimes take us to the Woolworths in Kilburn on Saturdays, what a treat!

I'd be delighted to know what happened to the people, the places and my old school. I have come back to the UK after 50 years! I would love to hear from anyone who could share my memories.

Written by Mythili Sarkar. To send Mythili Sarkar a private message, click here.

A memory of Kilburn in Greater London shared on Tuesday, 20th October 2009.

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RE: Dollis Hill Avenue

I attended Blenheim House School in 1944, taking a bus on my own there and returning home at 245 Fordwych Road (NW2). In that time it was a two-class one room affair with Miss McIntosh and Miss Foster teaching. Because we were refugees from Austria, coming in 1939 to England, my father chose the public name of 'Henson', and my name as 'Bertie' (after the King). I have my first grade report card dated March 31, 1944. The subjects were strict and broadly based: Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling, English, Composition, History, Geography, Scripture, Nature Study, Drawing, Painting, Handwork and Physical Exercises. I was said to be 'A promising pupil.' My education there laid a firm base for my life thereafter as international public health physician and poet. I can send a scan of the report card.

Comment from Norbert Hirschhorn on Friday, 27th December 2013.


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