Kilburn, High Road c.1965

Kilburn, High Road c.1965

Neg. K153014

Memories of Kilburn

Kilburn Lane

We moved to Kilburn from Chapter Road Willesden in 1947 and I lived there until I left home in 1965. I have clear memories of walking through the old market to St Mary's school in Granville Road and my favourite stall was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Margaret White

Shopkeepers 1912 To 1976

Born Dec. 1924 Dollis Hill Ave, son of E.H.Carter who lived at Crown Terrace. In 1912 he opened his half-shop as a newsagent and tobacconist, joined-up in 1915 and left the running to his sister Florence who eventually ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by John Carter

14 Palmerston Road And Kilburn Grange Park

My great-grandmother, Gertrude Bowes (née James) was the Park Attendant in Kilburn Grange Park. Her granddaughter, my mother, Margaret, spoke a lot about visiting her and the happy times she had in ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn

Growing Up On Peel Road, Kilburn

I'm Mandy Coggins and I was born at 7 Peel Road, Kilburn in 1960. It was a beautiful Victorian House and I can remember the marble fireplaces, oak staircase that us kids used to slide down. My nan lived on the ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by mandalynca

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