Kilburn, High Road c.1965

Kilburn, High Road c.1965

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Memories of Kilburn

Kilburn In The War

Born in Kilburn Square in the early 30's we moved to Iverson Road and were there during the war. I used to act as messenger for the ARP who used the DOB club in Maygrove Road as their base and went to Beckford school ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Len Parker

Wonderful Days

Do you remember the organ that came up from the pit under the stage and had all the different coloured spotlights shone on it? I thought it was sheer magic! The front seats were chaeaper than the back ones - I think they were ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Valerie Clemens

Kilburn Lane

We moved to Kilburn from Chapter Road Willesden in 1947 and I lived there until I left home in 1965. I have clear memories of walking through the old market to St Mary's school in Granville Road and my favourite stall was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Margaret White

Good Old Days

I often think back to the days of going around on my Raleigh Grifter, all my other friends on their choppers or a Raleigh Burner if you were really rich! We used to cycle up to Webheath Estate and think we were the coolest kids ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Wayne Robinson

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