Kilburn, High Road c.1965

Kilburn, High Road c.1965

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Memories of Kilburn

Looking For My Dad

I was born in 1968 into the Bircham family - I am looking for my dad. My mum was Pauline Bircham (who passed away 20 years ago), her brothers were Gerald, Maurice and Peter, as well as a sister Pat. Is there anyone out there that could help me!

A memory of Kilburn by Lisa Celaire

Trying To Find Smith Family

Hello ....I am trying to find Tony and Terry Smith; they are twins one dark, one fair, they had a sister as well. They lived in the Kilburn area in 60's ... Tony was perhaps a bit of a rascal who loved motorbikes ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Joanne Thompson

Shopkeepers 1912 To 1976

Born Dec. 1924 Dollis Hill Ave, son of E.H.Carter who lived at Crown Terrace. In 1912 he opened his half-shop as a newsagent and tobacconist, joined-up in 1915 and left the running to his sister Florence who eventually ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by John Carter

Hardyments Hardware And China Store

In 1961/62 I used to have a Saturday job in Hardyments, on Kilburn High Road, a real old-fashioned store selling all sorts of china and hardware. The assistants had to wear a most unflattering blue ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Janice Stevens

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