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Memories of Cumbria

HMS Nuthatch

I was stationed at HMS Nuthatch in 1949. During the evenings I worked in the cinema called the 'Antheon' showing films. We also put on variety shows on stage, one show we put on in a local village and were overwhelmed by the holpitality of the local villagers. Anthorn holds many happy memories for me and I hope to return soon before times run out, I am now 83.


I lived at the base with my parents my father was inspector in the naval police we had a bungalow just inside the main gates. I went to school in bowness a bus picked us up and dropped us off. in the evenings I was allowed to ride my bike and play on the airfields when the sirens had sounded which was around 6 oclock, then all the naval workforce left the airfield and returned to the barracks. my friends were from the near by farms where I spent lots of time. iremember a conger eel being washed up on the firth I have never seen any thing so big. I was also friends with the admirals daughter and often got invited to tea at the admirals house which I remember was situated on the airfield. they were lovely days. we left there in 1956 to live in wales at another naval establishment.

Searching For my Roots

My paternal grandfather John Routledge was from little Bampton. He had a horse called Tam o' Shanter which was a sulky trotter named after the local pub. I would love to find out more about him.

I Used to Live in Drumburgh

I used to live in Drumburgh, lived down the lane in a cottage called Hazeldene. I used to be the local decorator and worked in all the local villages. I used to play darts for the Highland Laddie pub, when Bernie ran it. I owned a WW2 Green Fire Tender which was parked in the garden. Would like to chat with anyone from Drumburgh or the villages.

Glasson in 1901

My father Willliam Harold Brown was born in Glasson on 2nd April 1921.  Those listed in l901 are:
Mary Barnes, Lodgings.
John Bell,Grocer.
Henry Cardwell.
Robert Gordon, vict., and cowkeeper Fish Inn.
Thomas Hewitt.
Thomas Joseph Pattinson, butcher.
John Sharp, joiner, Glasson Mill.
Mary Thompson, vict., grocer and bacon curer, Highland Laddie Inn.
Robert Wills, stone mason.
William Armstrong.
Irving Bell, Walker House.
William Bewsher,  (yeoman) Orchard House.
Joseph Foster.
George Graham, Low Flow.
Fanny Percival.
David Robson.
Mary Ann Saul, Kirkland House.
Betsy Sharp (owner) Aikshaw.
Sarah Sharp, owner, steam corn, sawmill, joiners shop.
Jacob Whitfield.
Joseph Wilson.

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