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LGS Days

I lived in Culcheth when I attended LGS .I uused to catch a bus, alight at Butts Bridge then walk along the canal towpath and enter the school grounds by the air raid shelters. Bill Major was the Headmaster, a man we all feared. The following were my teachers; Mr Puck Goodfellow - English Language & Literature, Mr Thurlow - Physics, Mr Taff Evans - Chemistry, Mr Rutter - Mathematics Mr Tew Williams - History and Mr Empsen - German. I think that is enough of my teachers at this time. As I now live in Germany and have done so for the past 30 years, I found Mr Empsens teaching most valuable .

Leigh Boys Grammar School

I attended Leigh Boys Grammar from Sept 1944 to 1950/51. I cycled from Culcheth to Butts Bridge then along the Canal towpath to School. There were still a few horse drawn barges then. Friends at School were Bill Hopkins ( who I am still in touch with ) John Burns, Jack Heaton, Alan Lunn, Brian Kay, Peter Skirrow and others, The Head Master was John Major and teachers were Messers Thurlow, Flaxen,and others plus Misses Stabler, Nelson, Tyrer and others. I was also in the Bedford Church scouts for a short time. We once went on a Camp to Gilwell Park in Sussex which was a major excursion in those days. I could not afford to travel by train with the rest of the Troop so I hitch-hiked there on my own and hitch-hiked back with Bill Hopkins who came along for the adventure. Happy days............ Malcolm Atherton

My Teenage Years by

I lived on Leigh Road within spitting distance of Hilton Park. I worked at Leiigh Infirmary as a Cadet then Pupil Nurse. My dad played in Bedford Church Band. My social life was going to the The White Horse on Railway Road for the Folk Nights. Also nipping across to the Geroge and Dragon. I had some wonderful times around Leigh. I must mention the Casino, great nights, also the Garrick Club where we saw the great Georgie Fame. I moved and married in 1971. Maiden name Taylor.

Childhood Days

I was born in Glover Street at Tamar Lane ends. I went to Newton West Park junior school. We used to play at a local pond called the Delph. There was a man called Jimmy Atherton who came round with a horse and cart selling vegatables. I seem to remember his horse was called Kitty. The local inn was called The Bowling Club (I think). Some of my friends were Harry Cowley, Billy Meadows, Brian Jones, Vincent Jolliffe. I left when I was ten to live in Fleetwood.

Lancashire memories

Tyldesley Recreation Club

The Bowling Green And Clubhouse c1955, Tyldesley
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My grandfather (A E Rahr)  donated a silver cup for competition on the Crown Green Tyldesley recreation club.  This was competed for in the 1930s and the winners were:  1933  J Baker,  1934  J Hodson,  1935 E Lythgoe and J Crook,   1938 T Farnworth,  1939  W Putter.

I have just donated this cup to the Wigan Museum / History Shop and hopefully it will be preserved.  I will see if I can upload a photo of it.
Peter Rahr

I Was Born There

I was born in Tyldesley at 13 High Street - the house is gone now. I emigrated to USA in 1953, married and had 3 children. I went to St Josephs RC School and Sacred Heart Church. We all went to school in Hindsford, Tommy, Norah, Maureen and Paddy. I am the only one who left UK, Tommy and family still live in Atherton. Will look up photos after the holidays and send. Merry Christmas to all. Mum's Mum owned and operated the theatre on John Street after my grandad died. I would love to hear from somebody from Tydesley.

Astley Street Park

My grandfather Thomas Elliott was the Park Superintendent and appeared on early Frith Photographs.

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