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Cathedral, Easter Sepulchre, Founders Tomb c1879, Lincoln

Cathedral, Easter Sepulchre, Founders Tomb c1879, Lincoln

Cathedral, Easter Sepulchre, Founders Tomb c1879, Lincoln Ref: 12471

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Memories of Cathedral, Easter Sepulchre, Founders Tomb c1879, Lincoln

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Fosters Field Finds

As a child in the late 50's I used live in Fairfield Street opposite the Monks Abbey. Every day after the school day was finished at Monks Road school, I used play around the Abbey ruins and Fosters field as well as the Arboretum. Fosters field was the area where I used to find in the ground old coins and broken old clay pipes. The old coins I used to take to the museum where the old wizened old curator had them dated for me. One such coin was dated as 4th Century Roman. One day whilst digging a shallow trench looking for coins, I came across a long stone step, 4 or 5 feet long about 12" under the soil and then another one about a foot further up the field. After I had discovered 3 stone steps that followed the South to North path I went to see the museum curator and told him about my find. He told me he would tell someone important. But as the... Read more

Born in Lincoln,1957

I was born in Lincoln May 26, 1957 to American parents. My father was in the United States Air Force and we lived at 65 South Park. I was born just a few doors down at the Eastholme Maternity Home. My family returned to America in 1959 and I never had the opportunity to return to Lincoln until 2004, with my husband, Mike Cucullu. We visited the street address of my birth and discovered the current owners of the South Park home, who graciously invited us in to take tea and have a tour of the home. We also visited the location of my birth which is now a home for the elderly, and was kindly given a tour of the facility by the proprietress. We experienced the local cuisine, visited the Castle, the Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, amazed over the Magna Carta and had a lovely three days of touring the city of my birth. I hope to be able to return someday and learn more about this... Read more

South Park

My mum went to South Park in the early 30s and I attended from 1962 to 1969. Recently, I have come across some memorabilia - would anyone be interested?

South Park High School For Girls

I lived in Monks Rd, opposite the arboretum and near to the Church until 1955. I have very happy memories of Lincoln; the Cathedral where I was confirmed along with three other friends from Guides, the Monks Rd bowling ring park where friends and I used to gather for laughs, and South Park High School for Girls where the headmistress was a Miss Higgs who always had her dachshunds with her. I met lady in 1970 who had attended SP in the 40's and she remembered Miss Higgs too! There was a roller skating rink somethere in Lincoln which was great fun. I regreted being unable to finish my education there, having to leave at age 15 to move abroad to Cyprus where my father had been posted (RAF), but I finished it in a Greek school so all was not lost. I now live in the midlands and my husband has promised to take me to visit dear old Lincoln to see the changes, which must be substantial since... Read more

Wesleyan Church 1915

My mother Rose Blanshard was born in Low Apley 04/02/1915. Please does anyone have information about Jas W Lord who baptized her. He was a Wesleyan Minister. I think the house where she was born has now been demolished.

The Court School of Dancing

I remember going to the court school of dancing in Park Street on a Saturday night and it was there that I met my husband, Roger. It was a great place to meet and have fun in the 60's - does anyone else remember it ?

Born in Lincoln

I was born in Lincoln in 1952. When I was 3 years old I went to my first school which was in the village of Skellingthorpe. Then in 1958 my mother and father moved to live on the St Giles, where I then went to my second school. Then when I was 11 years old I went to St Catharine's School, where I was up until St Christopher School just after it was built, I was there till I was 16 in 1968.

Born in Lincoln .

I was born in Lincoln Army Barracks on 7th November 1951. I do not remember my days there apart from leaving in 1955 when we moved abroad. I did pay a visit back there in 1977 but the barracks were being taken down, I am unsure what is now in its place. My father was Maurice Mclean (Mac) and mother was called May.

Green Dragon Pub Lincoln

I worked on the Green Dragon pub as an apprentice electrician when it was refurbished by Lucas and sons in the late 60's early 70's .I also remember the copper bar and all the workmens names are written on an oak beam as you enter the pub. Happy days!!!

The Green Dragon Inn

Memories of my husband and I as managers of The Dragon in the early70s,  our staff were Mary Lambert, Val Lovely (I think she has changed her name)and Pam Verges, and the lovely football players from Lincoln City, especially the Percy Freeman one, if you're all still out there I would love to hear from any old customers and friends.
Ann Browning

Sleeping Inside Lincoln Castle

My Grandfather, Harry Westwood, was custodian at the Castle for many years, retiring in 1966.  He passed the position to his son Tom Westwood, my uncle.  Tom retired in 1986. As a child I would sleep inside the castle gatehouse at weekends, but since Tom Westwood retired in 1986, I believe that the castle is now managed by Lincolnshire County Council without having a resident custodian living on ther premises.  
Tony Hill  ( Ex:  Sincil Bank secondary school)

Monks Abbey

I used to play in the abbey in the war time as then it had an air bomb shelter, we used to think that there was a tunnel under the abbey to the cathedral.

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