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All Saints Church c1960, Lindfield

All Saints Church c1960, Lindfield

All Saints Church c1960, Lindfield Ref: L221064

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My Grandfather

High Street c1955, Lindfield
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My grandfather owned the corner shop in the High Street, it was a sweet shop. He was known as Pop Brooks. Grandad was loved by the villagers. His only son, Harry, my dad, was killed on 20th December 1942. My dad's name was Harry Brookes, he was 27 when he lost his life. After my dad was killed in Bomber Command, I came to stay with Pop. My dad's name is in the church. This year I have found through the internet a man who knew my dad and flew on some of the same missions. My family and I have been invited to 9 Squadron Reunion. I always remember sitting in the shop window as the pipers marched by on Remembrance Day. There was someone called Pip in the village, but I can't remember who they were. Grandad lost his first wife at the age of 43. Poor Grandad lost his wife and only child and I loved him very much.

Living on The Estate

Paxhill c1955, Lindfield
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As a young boy I lived on Paxhill Estate from the end of the Second World War whilst my grandfather was the head gardner to Mr.Sturdy who owned this fine house, which I understand is now a nursing home. The estate was fully independent with a fully operational farm, garden and laundry with a staff of over 30. During the war Canadian Regiments were billeted in the woods near where this picture was taken - the pond leading up to the main house. My grandfather Walter Harris was the head gardener in many Sussex and Surrey estates prior to coming to Paxhill in 1937.
I have very fond memories of Paxhill Estate life, and as you could imagine as a young boy of 9 it was paradise. There was the scary Nunnery Wood where you never ventured becuase of strange goings on, the Quarry Wood full of bluebells and the dark pine wood where nothing grew. Fresh food and vegetables were free and plentiful.  

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