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Main Street c1955, Llanbradach

Main Street c1955, Llanbradach

Main Street c1955, Llanbradach Ref: L283006

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Memories of Main Street c1955, Llanbradach

Happy Memories

Main Street c1955, Llanbradach
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The High Street is where I was born in 1955.  In the street was the Working Mans Club, the Cinema and 'Jeffrey's' (the sweet shop where my brother and I used to go and spend out pocket money on a Saturday).  Once a year all the children would go to the Working Mans Cub for an orange, thrupenny bit and a stamp on the hand, I cannot remember the reason for it now but I remember it was special. My brother and I used to go to the cinema on a Saturday, it cost us 6d to get in and we had 6d for sweets. The mine closed and we moved but I still have lots of very happy memories.

Wartime in Llanbradach

Main Street c1955, Llanbradach
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I was born in Merthyr Tydfil but my grandparents lived in Rees Terrace. My grandfather, Hugh Price Watkins, was the St John Ambulance driver for the pits. I lived and went to school in Llanbradach for about three months while my mother was in hospital. Whenever there was an accident in the mines, the phone would ring in grandad's house and I would be told the location of the accident and would run as fast as my legs would carry me to the garage right next to the bridge by the station. After picking up another man, I would accompany them in the ambulance to the accident site and would often ride in the back of the ambulance with the injured pitman, not something that Health & Safety would allow now. Without exception they would say to me: "Don't go down the pit, Bach." I didn't, but spent my life in the printing industry in Oxfordshire and Canada. I enjoyed playing in the park with its wonderful collection of swings... Read more

Queen's Coronation

Main Street c1955, Llanbradach
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I can remember celebrating the Coronation with a party, the streets were decorated with flags, it was a memorable day and photographs were taken, which I still have. I can name nearly everyone, friends and neighbours. I no longer live in Llanbradach, but I visit my mother every week, who still lives in the same street where we were both born, Oakfield St. My mother's name is Ellen Rowsell and she celebrated her 94th birthday on Valentine's Day. My mother can name all her neighbours who lived in the street when she was growing up. Times have changed and you don't get to know your neighbours as we did.

Llanbradach & local memories

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The Brad

I was born in Coedybrain Rd in 1948 and my family moved to School St. I remember going to the school until I was 6, when we moved away to a new housing estate. The school had a stuffed squirrel in a glass case. I was in the nursery class where we had a nap every afternoon wrapped in blankets. School milk was lined up on the hot pipes in winter, and I hated it! I always missed my grandparents and was never happier than going back to visit the Brad. As kids, we dammed the stream at the bottom of School St in the summer, and paddled in the pool. We would go up to the Quarry Pond (rumoured to be bottomless) with jam sandwiches and water in old pop bottles. The open-air swimming pool was tempting in summer, but always felt freezing cold. There were a few cinemas there, and we could go a few times a week and see a different film for 6d. In the evenings,... Read more

School Street

I'm trying to find out about the Davies/Watkins families that use to live down School Street during WW1 until WW2; if anybody knows of any info or stories about them or remembers them, I'd love to know.

Polish Miner Living on LLanbradach High Street, Killed Down A Mine

Does anyone remember a Polish miner who lived on LLanbradach High Street for a while? He was killed down the mine in 1961. He was known as ‘Ted’. I would love to hear any memories no matter how small or trivial. My mum knew him and comes from Caerphilly - he is on her wedding photographs. Thank you.

Tthe Old Days And Now

I live in the Brad, and I was born there. If you live in the Brad you should know my father or mother, Ivor Jones or Nicola Jones. My name is Alisha Jones and I have heard loads of stories about the old times in the Brad and now I wish I lived in the older time, because it was more peaceful.

Happy Days

Brought up in Thomas Street from 1947. I remember the cinema at the end of the street, and the Police Station next to the Llanbradach Hotel .As someone mentioned earlier, summer was spent at the outdoor baths, always freezing cold, next to the park. Days were spent out all day up the mountain nesting, making bows and arrows or camping, what great times, we didn't have much but there was always something to do. I even met my to be wife outside the Wokmans Hall, married her and moved to Caerphilly.

Growing up

I grew up in the "Joinery" where there were lots of characters and moved just down the street when I was 15.My parents still live there. I remember "The Green" where the Boys Brigade hall was at the bottom of the street. Seeing people on the doorsteps and the women out chatting, that type of community has long gone, you knew everyone in the street and locally. The doctors surgery was in Park View and the Welsh chapel opposite it. I too remember queing up for the News Year's Day stamp and money and then we went round the shops wishing them a happy new year and sometimes we got a bag of sweets or a piece of fruit from them, my grandchildren could not believe it when I told them about it. The high street has changed so much since my childhood when we used to hang around by "The Llanbradach Hotel" and meet up with mates. Ah, the good old days when we were young.

The Good Old Brad

Moved from Llanbradach in 1968, now live in Deal, Kent. Thinking back to when I lived in the Brad, we played in the park and went to the swimming pool (which was always freezing cold) and the mountain just at the back of where I lived in Yyn-y-Graig Road. We played for hours up that mountain, sliding down on cardboard, making camps, all so innocent and good in them days. I went to school in School Street and went on to Caerphilly Sec, I was friends with Klara Lamch, my cousin Jackie Osbourn and Janet Milroy. Does anyone remember the Britton family? My name is Susan and I miss the old friends that I knew all that time ago.

1976 in Llanbradach

I visited my gran and my aunts in Llanbradach twice in the early 1970s.

It was my first ever visit to Great Britain and I fell in love with the church. To someone accustomed to supermarkets, shopping from grocer to butcher to baker was like having an Enid Blyton book come true.

My sisters and I soon made friends with two of the girls who lived there, Susan and I forget the other girl's name. I can see their faces so clearly. They took us to a public swimming pool, to a cinema and to a fish and chip shop and especially under the train bridge so we could scream when the train passed overhead.

We forded your extremely cold little river, we hid under ferns on the hillside and we climbed the slopes on the other side of the valley by the train tracks.

If you are in your late 40s and remember making friends with four children from Barbados in the West Indies in... Read more


My grandparents, Ben & Polly Thomas, ran the pub opposite the Miners Welfare. I was evacuated there and I can remember on Saturday night, the US Servicemen would come along with their band and play in the pub. My grandparents had a white haired terrier called "Tim". Tim would come into the bar, the bottom bar where the widows of miners were allowed in on Saturday nights. Tim would go into the middle of the bar carrying an enamel bucket with a wooden handle. He would swing the bucket around and then let it go, run and jump over the bar and race out the back. There was the bottom bar, the top bar (posh bar) and the Snug out the back.  My grandparents did not like cats but had to have one for the mice in the cellars. They called the cat "HITLER", it was fun to see in the cellars a mouse come round the corner with Hitler chasing and Tim chasing Hitler. Just like Tom and Jerry.... Read more

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