Llanbradach, Main Street c.1955

Llanbradach, Main Street c.1955

Neg. L283006

Memories of Llanbradach

Wartime In Llanbradach

I was born in Merthyr Tydfil but my grandparents lived in Rees Terrace. My grandfather, Hugh Price Watkins, was the St John Ambulance driver for the pits. I lived and went to school in Llanbradach for about three ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanbradach by Lionel Drew

The Brad

I was born in Coedybrain Rd in 1948 and my family moved to School St. I remember going to the school until I was 6, when we moved away to a new housing estate. The school had a stuffed squirrel in a glass case. I was in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanbradach

The Good Old Brad

Moved from Llanbradach in 1968, now live in Deal, Kent. Thinking back to when I lived in the Brad, we played in the park and went to the swimming pool (which was always freezing cold) and the mountain just at the back of ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanbradach by Susan Jones

Edwin And David T Williams Of 9 School Street, Llanbradach

Hello, this isn't my memory, but that of my grandmother, Jenny Jones as she was then who, as a young girl, was working in service on Ffrwd Farm in Maesycymmer. She was friendly ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanbradach

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