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Greenfield Road 1896, Llanelli
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Greenfield Road was known as Greenfield Villas before World War II. I lived and grew up in 4 Greenfield Villas with my grandparents, Mr & Mrs W A Davies, my mother, Nancy, and sister, Gertrude, from 1937 until 1947. My father was away in the war and we only saw him on leave. I remember going to Lakefield School where my first teacher was a Miss Thomas. I also remember going around the market with my grandfather and to many shops because he was the Inspector of Shops during the war. I also remember well Rabaiottis Ice cream parlour around the corner in Station Rd and a shop which sold Eynons pies further up the road. The road was renamed Murrey Street at some time, but this may have been after the war. I also remember Saturday morning in the Odeon Cinema where we had to pay 6d or 3d to get in for childrens' pictures. After I left to live with my parents in Bristol in 1948, I... Read more

My Visit to Llanelli 1958

Stradey Castle 1896, Llanelli
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My name was Christine Pakenham, and my mother took me over to Lannelli Wales by boat to meet my grandparents in 1958. My mom was a war bride, from 31 New Dock road. Her mom was Mary Jane Williams (nee Jones) and her dad was Ernest Williams. She married my dad, a Canadian serviceman, in July of 1945. My grandparents are no longer around but my cousins and one aunt are there still. My mom is 87 years old now and doing well, living in Ottawa, Canada. She has 2 married grand children, one who is my daughter Jennifer who resides with her husband in Perth, Australia and my sister's boy who lives in Ottawa. My son is not married yet. She still has 2 other grandchildren not married. My dad passed away of cancer in 1999 and mom has never remarried.
My fondest memory was Park Howard, such a beautiful park, and downtown LLanelli, so beautiful and friendly. It is so nice to be able to go back... Read more

London Evacuation

Stradey Castle 1896, Llanelli
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my mother who is now 76 years of age,was talking with my son who is doing a world war 2 project at school.Only last night she was telling him,that in 1939 october,she aged 8 and a half and her then baby brother aged just 10 months along with their mother were evecuated to stradey castle from vauxhall,sw london.
They stayed for 10 weeks,and my mother said how the statues in the long hall scared the life out of them and also the nearby woods was something she had never seen before.My mothers maiden name was joan trim and her brother roy and late mother florence.The owners were by the name of lewis a laird i believe,by all accounts very nice people.I wondering on behalf of my mother,its the castle still there etc.Thank you Robert Penfold

A View From The Band Stand

Parc Howard c1965, Llanelli
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I was born in 1965, the year the photo was taken and at the time my dad was a gardener at Parc Howard. I remember going to visit him almost every day, in the summer months, with either my grandmother or mother. This was a very familiar view taken from the band stand.

After what felt like hours of playing I would be taken to the cafe and bought sweets from a large select behind a glass cabinet.

Often we would go up the hill (to the left in the photo) to watch the old men play bowls and as I grew older I would play on the putting green.

Ann Street Memories

Having been born in Ann Street in 1962, my memories of the surrounding area are quite vivid, including Waddles Foundry; the metal beating from the works would often wake me in the morning. It was on land just behind the Bull pub, close to Waddles, that I have one of my earliest memories. The fair had arrived and my mother put me on a ride with Nobby Horse, he was the local paper boy, probably aged around 40 years old then. Chips were a staple lunch on a Saturday afternoon, from Parsells in Elizabeth Street; the queue would sometimes stretch out of their front room round the passage and into the small front garden. Our house was a typical two up two down terrace house, but one of the houses in Ann Street I found the most interesting, was that owned by the Butler family - next door to the Off License; it was immense, double fronted with high ceilings complete with basement. I learnt to ride my bike on the... Read more

Dyfed memories

Felinfoel Brewery

I lived in Brohawddgar. I can remember the smell of the hops from the Brewery around 1955 and the Chip Shop opposite the Brewery, although can't remember the name.

Cwmfelin Road

Bynea Road 1936, Bynea
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Living far away from Bynea it was lovely and sad to see in this second photo of Bynea that the bus pictured is outside the house that I was born in in 1941. This house is approximately 110 years old and has always been in the Cooper family.

Many happy days were spent by the village boys and girls playing in the field opposite - cae Llewellyn I think it was called - and on the tip. I canĀ“t remember it ever raining only the hot, dusty days!!

Marilyn Cooper Lewis

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