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Latest Residents

The Post Office c1955, Llangwm
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Purchased by the current residents in 1978. Sadly, decline in the village population resulted in closure of the Old Post Office in 1980 and a change in name to Is y llan. Aside from renovation the property remains unchanged.

Gwent memories

Can Anyone Remember

My name is Tereesa Shackell now (was Torrington0, I lived in 4 Ty Freeman Road Gwehelog. I have three brothers and went to the little school in Gwehelog in 1959. Can anyone send me any information please? I used to hang out with Christine and Rosemary Schultz and Ann Bignell. My brothers name is Howell Torrington. My teacher's names were Mrs Davies and Miss Mortimer.

Round House

My Father Henry (Jim) Griffiths lived with his eight brothers and sisters in the Round house, which I think was up the ally next to the Postoffice. His mother was Alice Griffiths, she brought up all these children on her own. I wonder if anyone has a photo of the round house?

Raglan - Castle Street

My childhood memories of Raglan are indelible in my mind. I lived with my Aunt and Uncle (Bessie and Ernie Morgan) at No 3 Castle Street during the war years. I well remember my first day at school, sitting on the obelisk at the junction of Chepstow Road, being chased by the geese down the Chepstow Road, 'helping' my uncle pump the organ, the harvest festivals, Roy Silverthorne's voice resounding around the church, sergeant Needs and his alsation, the brook, the castle, the wonderful smell of Mrs Hook's and the Powells bakery, Rhwylas farm, which is totally responsible for my love of dairy farming (although I was born 17 miles out of London). So it was through Rhwylas farm that I find myself in Australia, via New Zealand ...but that's another story. By the way, I never made it as a farmer! Wonderful, wonderful memories.

Coedypaen School

I remember Mrs Harris a severe teacher, and the Miss Hubbards (ginger). The pupils were Bernard Lewis and sisters Christine, Barbara and Noel. Also Billy Miles, Arthur Jones, Freda Watkins, Marjorie and Shelia Lewis, Mair Jenkins and my sister Eileen. It was the war years, we collected salvage, ate marmite sandwiches and also collected shrapnel from fallen bombs - 5 fell on our farm of Tynycae. Lots of other memories of those tough years.

Tump Farm

We lived at Tump Farm, Bettws Newydd around 1949, and it was while my father was employed by Mr Trevor Jones, who farmed the Thornbury Farm in that village. My brothers and I attended the small village school situated opposite the house, where the Phillips family lived. Our school friends were: Kenneth Jones, Billy Taylor, Donald Powell, Lavinia Coyle, Tony and Melba Evans, David Morgan, Charlie and Yvonne Murray, Gordon and Trevor Griffin, Raymond Griffiths, Christopher Davies, Sheilla Brooks, and our headteacher was the legendary Mrs Rees. Known by all, as Ol' Ma Rees, who was a good teacher or at least I passed my eleven plus exam and graduated to King Henry XIII Grammar School in Abergavenny.


My grandfather worked at this site, his name was Albert Cook. I wonder if anyone remembers him? He retired I think in 1960 I was about nine then and I remember him getting a clock and a party was held. He had black spots on his hands he, always said it was from TNT, I wonder if anyone else experienced this?

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